Thursdays mark the end of my work week. It marks the end of my 4 day routine of waking up at 6am, walking dogs with Anthony, feeding dogs, putting on makeup, going upstairs with my oatmeal mix with apples and raisins, getting on the computer and catching up, and then out the door by 7:30. Then work work work until 6:30-7pm.
I am loving working with all of our patients!
Work can be slooooooow & the clinic is COLD!

After work I went straight to the new YMCA. I am getting into the routine of going straight from work and letting it be my tv time (I never get to watch my girl-trash-tv at our house!). I was able to get a treadmill run in for 4 miles while watching the most ridiculous show, Sister Wives.

This thursday marks the day before I leave for CHI-TOWN!! wahoooo.

I am so excited to go to Chicago. I miss my UT bestie Marika. My life has been missing something without her around. 


Saturday Blues and Sunday Morning Struggle.

My new room for the weekend.
This weekend was very difficult for me. Anthony was gone and I can tell you that it was very challenging for me to take care of puppy, do the loads and loads of laundry, find a dress for a million dollar wedding on my budget, and get my long run in. 

None of this stuff really makes for a good weekend unless you have your girl friends or boyfriend around!

The puppy has been a huge stress. Note to self: NEVER get a puppy. Puppies and OCD cause major mental breakdowns!

Yesterday I was really lonely. I finally called my mom and went with  her to look for a dress. I honestly had the hardest time finding one that fit properly... boob job is needed perhaps. Just kidding, kind of. 
Finally found a possible winner.

This morning I set out for a 15 mile run.... fail. I was doing great until mile 8 when I was soo hot and thirsty. It was another 3 miles to the nearest water fountain or to get to my car and my water bottle. I did something I never thought I would do. At mile 9.5 I called my dad to come get me. I was miserable. I was seriously contemplating stealing water from one to these mansions! But then I thought that my outfit wasn't cute enough and my newspaper picture of the girl who stole water from the River Oaks Mansions wouldn't even look good. So my dad came and took me home. 
"we need water!!"

Ughhhhh I wish I just lived here, then I could just walk in and get a drink!

The famous corner where I waited for my dad

I  surprisingly didn't care too much. I wasn't in the mood this weekend. I was so thirsty that I couldn't keep going. I have never had that happen. I was almost laughing at how ridiculous this weekend was in terms of planning one way and things turning out another way. 

So this afternoon I relaxed and watched Biggest Loser on Hulu with popcorn, cereal, and raisins in a bowl.

I know Anthony will be home soon... Until then I'm being lazy!


Quiet Friday Night & New Goals

Tonight I am alone. Actually this weekend I am alone- Just the pup dogs and me while Anthony is duck hunting at the ranch. 

I took the single girl route tonight, meaning a night consisting of a dinner purely of snack foods, a big ass tshirt, a cozy fleece blanket, and girl tv.. Oh and dog snuggles: 
Fake sleeping! 
I was hoping Dixie would hear herself snoring!!
I have been thinking a lot tonight about my goals. I am firm believer in writing things down. It helps solidify things.

Weekend Goals: 
- Finish lesson 4 in my online class (boooring)
- Long run (14-15 miles) not worrying about time or pace
- Whole Foods trip to stock the pantry with non-guy food snacks
- Work on Personal Statement for med school application
- Catch up on laundry
- Take a little time to shop and do something fun for me

Long(er) Term Goals:
- Ask both Doctors at the clinic I work at for letters of recommendation
- Get applications in before the end of November
- Focus on intuitive eating / whole foods
- Get good runs in
- Be better at working out while working full time
- Get Drago adopted

New nails, new shirt, new afternoon.

After my shirt was ripped I was scooped up by my mom for some nail therapy. I feel a lot better when my nails are polished. It makes me feel more put together. This is why my mom constantly treats me to pretty french manicures on the regular. I brought my new read: Born to Run and relaxed. 

 Afterwards I was surprised by Anthony. He had gotten me a new running top and running skirt (two of my favorite things!). Maybe he felt guilty about spending the weekend at the ranch duck hunting. Maybe he felt like I needed a cute outfit for my long run this weekend. Maybe he bought it for himself and then realized it was too small for him... hehe ok that one is a little ridiculous, just kidding!

The top is from Academy's brand BCG. It is so cute, loud, obnoxious, and I can't wait to get it all sweaty! The material is so light! I don't think that I will go unnoticed running in this!! I am impressed with this being an Academy brand top, I like cheap!

It was really sweet of him. I think he got it because we has some weird moments this week. (Today when I brought him his wallet at lunch we had a moment where he made a kind of inappropriate comment)

But I think that is normal for us to have some "off" moments since 1. we have been both working so hard  and come home tired and also 2. we have been dating for a long time and really haven't had many "off" moments, maybe we are due for some. 

We have only had one major fight in our entire long dating history. But this week we have had a few moments where we felt "off". I think he is amazing and I would love to spend the rest of my life with him but we shouldn't have moments like the facebook profile ordeal, or get awkward when people bring up marriage around us, and lastly I don't think that Anthony being unhappy at work should be as much as a strain on us.

Impromptu Lunch Date & a Torn Shirt

First, I did a 5 mile run this morning at the gym. Wahoo!

Anthony left his wallet at the house this morning and went right on to work without it. This meant I had to go deliver it to him all the way across town. I honestly was totally fine just dropping it off but Anthony had a better idea.. a lunch date! Wahoo. AND better yet: A lunch date at Panera!

I love Panera. I am so obsessed with their soup and bread bowls. You better believe that is what I got: 

Yum, yum, yum!!

Also today I ripped my shirt. Well technically my Mom's little white multi-poo named Stella ripped it after I picked her up from the groomers. 

Whomp, whomp...

I'm gonna be really honest and admit that I actually cried- I loved this shirt. Oh well. 

I know it is silly to cry over something like that but I get super sensitive when I am tired. I had spent the entire day listening to one of my friends and helping her because she is going through a hard time, then I was running errands for both Anthony and my mom, doing laundry for Anthony and Michael, taking care of dogs, and cleaning the house. I was pretty much on the brink by the time I picked up Stella. No harsh feelings though, maybe she was just telling me that I need some new shirts ;)


Facebook Ordeal.

Last night was the FIRST TIME that Anthony and I have gone to bed on unsettled terms. I am horrified to do this, I have a huge fear of dying, regret, and being in unsettled relationships.
It all began last night on the couch. Anthony was going on the laptop and the internet was opened up to my facebook page. 
I was snuggled on him so I said something like "look a picture of us! it's a pretty great profile pic if I may say so!!". Anthony took this entirely the wrong way and thought I was saying that because I was upset that his profile picture is not of us. Neither of us are religious FB users and his picture really hasn't been of us except maybe 2 times. I really don't care. At first it annoyed me that he still had some old girlfriend pics on FB when we first started getting serious but honestly I don't care now because everyone knows we have been together for a long time. 
It was really weird how he reacted. I don't understand where the argument came from or why it even arose. It wasn't heated, but definitely uncomfortable. We were completely meaning 2 different things!

I know this was dumb, but we went to bed on weird terms. I hate that. Is facebook seriously a reason to go to sleep mad?! haha 

True Life: I'm Clinically Blonde.

Oh yesterday was just another day for the book, the Big Book of Blonde Moments I mean. Yesterday at the clinic I had some moments that only I could have. Anthony loves to laugh at these moments, because in general I am not always there nor am I able to smoothly go through life. 

Case one:
I had just finished performing an ultra sound on a patients ankle and explaining to her about Ultrasound treatment. Basically breaking down for her how the ultra sound is a passive modality which sends sound waves into the soft tissue. This causes vibrating and thus heat generation. The heat will induce vasodilation, or better said it will bring blood into the tissue and promote healing, relieve pain, and inflammation. 

So I take a short break from the commotion and slip into the Xray dark room (where the xrays are developed). I finish developing and try to exit the room... umm I keep turning on the knob and pushing the door... nothing... crap, I am locked in! 

I start to freak out. I do something embarrassing and knock, hoping I will be saved. After a minute or so the door opens, opps... turns out the door opens inward, not outward, I had been pushing on an unlocked door the entire time... yep. Moving on.

Case two:
The day is coming to a close. I am getting excited to get home. I had been in the middle of putting a very eccentric older man on Hi-Volt and stepped out while he was hooked on the machine. I went over to the laundry in hopes to do all of it then, multitasking so that I could get out earlier. 

I grab the Costco style liquid laundry detergent case. I couldn't manage it up on the top self so I attempt to pull it down. FAIL. I managed to get my entire white polo covered with detergent. 

Anyways I am off to work... PLEASE let me be a fully functional person today!
Starting the day with a yummy breakfast of Oatmeal and raisins.