Dealing with changes- 3 miles

I didn't get to get my run in like planned. In a last minute decision I made the choice to forget my usual trail run and head over to the treadmill. How is it that I have found myself on the treadmill so much lately?! I have been quoted many times saying how much I dislike it, BUT yesterday I ventured to the gym and got in "Treadmill Zone". I popped on the machine and ran a relaxed a 5k.
I was glad that I managed a run. This week has been so busy with moving and projects! I am never good with changing my routine but today was good for me. Instead of getting upset that I didn't get my 4 mile run at the lake, I made myself relax and change my plans. Instead of being frustrated, I made myself be proud that I managed to get some movement in on such a busy day.
It's not easy to change plans but I am working hard to relax and take whatever life throws at me, even if that happens to be ANOTHER treadmill run!

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