Lighting the Fire- Chiro & 9.5 miles

My workouts this week have consisted of a 3 mile treadmill run on Monday, a 5 mile run on Tuesday, annnnd tonight Anthony rode his bike while I did a 9.5 mile run. Ps on the way we reported a large fire to 911 in an abandoned apartment.. cray-zay! Anthony is so great about doing the right thing. We stayed until the fire trucks came. We are thinking about becoming CERT certified. CERT= Community Emergency Response Team. 

Life here has become pretty interesting. Today I met with the Houston Texans and Houston Astros' head Chiropractor to learn more about interning for him in his clinic. (I start at 8am on Tuesday- ekk!) I have been really busy with getting my application together for med school and hope that this will be a great experience. 

I have to admit that I was really nervous. I always get nervous, I am a total over-thinker. I constantly obsess about if I  said the right thing, if this is the right path, if I did something the correct way, basically I am a mess at all times!! I am working on looking more to God and trusting his path. I am going to try to just go with what I can do and not worry about the rest. :)

Side note: Michael picked up Drago from his neutering today: 


Prenups and Neutering

Wearing the skirt I made and a cute linen shirt!
Last night Antony and I headed over to his parent's house for dinner. Now his grandmother, Nana, has reached that age where she has no filter on her mouth, whatever that girl is thinking is being said. 

His Nana has always liked me. BUT that wasn't the usual. I had heard horror stories before meeting her about a year and a half ago. The first time we went out to eat with her I about peed my pants (no joke). I was anticipating the things she would say since Anthony had told me that she has openly disliked his past girlfriends. To my surprise, she liked me and since then it has been a breeze.

Now although it has been a breeze, it is by no means dull! Last night was a great testament to that:

Nana: Stephanie (Anthony's cousin) had to sign a prenup. I don't see why she had to sign a prenup (both families are extremely rich). I would never sign a prenup. 
Me: Oh, well I'm sure that Stephanie will stay happily married. (I don't really know this but dang this is awkward)
Nana: Did you sign a prenup?
Me: (I flash my empty left hand) Nope, I am not married. I have never had to worry about that!
Nana: Well would you sign a prenup?! Because I damn wouldn't. No way.
Me: Sure? (OH man I am so uncomfortable) 
Nana: I wouldn't. No way.
Me: Good thing you are already married then. :)

Umm how are you supposed to respond to this?!
* I can hear Anthony in the kitchen behind me, he is busting out laughing.
*She says this as she arrives in a Bentley, is wearing jewelry that costs more than everything I own, and is right next to her husband that provided it all for her. Maybe she was smart by saying she "she ain't signing no prenup" ;)

Yep, dinner with Anthony's nana is never dull.

Oh another note: Our foster Drago is getting neutered today. 


9 Mile Run and Mom Date

This morning I woke up got myself ready, filled up the camel back, walked the dogs, grabbed a banana, and woke Anthony up. We had planned on going on a 9 mile bike/run.  

Michael was planning on going with us on the run so after I woke Anthony up I started to head to Michael's room. Luckily Anthony stopped me in time; Michael had gone out last night with a girl friend and she stayed the night.. Phew, that could have been awkward! Sometimes I feel like living with Michael is like being a mom: laundry, dishes, lunches, trying to keep him healthy, and avoiding his room when girls are around ;)

Anyways, Anthony headed out about 8am. I set the Garmin up and we ran along the bayou. I kept around a 10 min per mile pace and enjoyed the morning. I kept getting really tired but kept going. Anthony is great at keeping the run fun. When we were done I jumped in the shower. I have noticed lately how red my face gets from working out here in Houston. Umm is that normal?! I was so hot when we got home that I had to take an ice cold shower!

I was planning on going to the wine and brunch date at 1pm but took up an offer to spend time with my mom (that NEVER happens even though we live 5 blocks away). I am trying to get closer to her and this weekend has been great for that. We went out to a quick T.J. Maxx date and talked about my future. I have been feeling so blessed, my mom and Anthony have really helped me feel settled in Houston. 


Football Time!

First, 3 mile run this morning at the booty-crack of dawn. The Garmin (my Arm Candy) and I headed out to Memorial Park to join the crowds in a morning run. It always feels soo great to start the morning with a run! Afterwards I spent the morning with my mom getting groceries and girl talking. Mind you that Anthony was still in bed! 

Anthony and I had a DELICIOUS lunch at Whole Foods and I then convinced him to join me on a trip to the outlet malls; poor idea because the place was so packed! I hate shopping when it is crowded, I get easily annoyed. Yep I'm a brat sometimes. 

Tonight was FOOTBALL AND PIZZA NIGHT (yes, pizza, again)!!! Two of my life loves are pizza and football. I made my own healthier tortilla version with spinach, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, black beans, and lots of seasoning. So now we are sitting on the couch watching the Texans beat the 49ers!!! 

So I am a Cowboys fan, sorry I WAS a cowboys fan. I was a Cowboys fan for one reason, Roy Williams. But sadly my fellow Longhorn has been moved to the Bears. Now living in Houston and having an old friend on the Texans has meant making myself a new Texans fan. I hate that Roy Williams and Chris can't play on the same team. My life would be much easier.. ok maybe not my life but my NFL cheering life would be much easier. 

Here I am, now a Texans fan- I have spent this entire half time writing on here and looking at Victoria Secret's Pink NFL line. LOVE IT ALL!! Football and Sparkles are two of my favorite things :)

Honky Tonk in Ma Favorite Boots

I love country music, I love all my cowboy boots, and I freakin love my man, so you bet I loved going out last night for some honky tonk. 

Blanco's in Houston is a blast. It's a traditional small town, pure country bar. There isn't a fancy part about it and I love it! 

Last night Anthony, Wes, and I ventured out for some dancing and fun at Blancos. It was really relaxed. I love dancing. No, I am OBSESSED with dancing. Anthony and I are usually dancing in the car, in the kitchen, in the hallways, basically we love to groove! 

Wes managed to snap a picture of us dancing last night to the band! Yay!

Anyways we made it home around 11:30pm to see Michael and his many friends walking to the bars on Washington Street. I told them to hop in the bed of the truck and I drove them up to the bars. We on the other hand, went home and passed out! I woke up this morning to a full house of boys. Haha one even slept in our guest bed (which happened to not have ANY sheets on it!). 


Vicks, Cookies, and a 6 Mile Run

This morning I was feeling more alive. I used this miracle drug called VICKS VAPOR RUB! (Am I the only person who had never known it's magical powers?!) After the football game last night, Anthony got me some medicine in  hopes that I could get some sleep tonight. Vicks was his drug of choice- Dang that stuff is magic! I am hooked. 

This morning I made peanut butter cookies with my newest addiction: Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds. See I am not a big nut fan, however I can easily devour one of these bags. Yummmm. 
I felt like the boys needed some sweets. I had been slacking since we have had ice cream in the freezer, so I whipped up some cookies while at my parents' house. 

I was planning on running a long distance today but since it's hotter than Jordan Shipley in his football spandex, I decided to go to the YMCA and get on the treadmill. I did a 6 mile run (6 mph). It was comfortable and allowed me to be in a controlled environment. I have hated the treadmill but today it was nice. I watched total trash tv and kept 'truckin' along. I am so ready for fall weather to run in! ohh and of course because I am a FALL HOLIDAY JUNKIE! (just ask Anthony about our overly decorated place last year)

High School Football Date!

Anthony and I relived his high school days by going to a Memorial High School football game. We dressed in our red and white then headed to the stadium. 

I had a blast watching all the high schoolers running round, all in high spirits. It made me smile to see alumni back in their red and white alongside the next generations. Prep school didn't give me this type of alumni high school pride so it was exciting to be part of it. 

Anthony and I got a coke, a pickle, and sour straws and enjoyed the perfect weather. I loved having him there. I loved hearing all of his high school stories. 

We thought that a parking lot make-out session would fit perfectly into our high school date but since I'm still sick, we bypassed it and just held hands. ;)

I am by no means ready for a child, but I definitely want my child to go to a school like this someday. I want to be that obnoxious mom with the bedazzled "my son is #16" shirt, yelling from the stands, at ever game! 

Dang wasn't high school fun?!


Sleepless Night.. and Step Class?

Our dinner party last night went without a hitch. The food was wonderful and Anthony's parents and the Brewers (Family friends) had a great time.

I was exhausted after. I have been fighting my body but finally it broke down last night. I couldn't sleep at all. Around 2 am I moved downstairs to the couch. Isn't it weird how sometimes a change of scenery can be just what you need? I quickly passed out on the couch!

I woke up to rain, yep rain in Houston! CRAZY! So no run for this girl. Instead I spent the moring resting, eating all the fruit in the house, and watching mindless tv. 

Around noon I headed over to the YMCA here in downtown for some yoga, I decided it would be good for me. WELLL I missed the class and me being the crazy person I am, I ended up walking into a step class. I figured, why the heck not, and stayed. I took it lightly because I wasn't feeling 100% but it was a blast! You have to pay a lot of attention since the steps go quickly. I did notice that many of the people there were die-hards, they seemed to know all of the steps. Time went by so fast. I was shocked whenever it was time to cool down! I was pretty sweaty and felt energized. :)

I have never really respected BodyStep as a workout but that has changed- what a fun way to get moving. It reminded me of dance class! 


Female, Twenty-some, Blonde Looking for Girlfriends.

I need some girlfriends in my new city! Am I serious? yes. Is it ridiculous? of course. Seem desperate? you betcha! It's hard to find friends when you aren't in school anymore. :p

For the last few days I have been feeling "off". My stomach hasn't been really happy with me and I have had no energy. I am almost positive that it comes from my food allergies. It has been pretty miserable. 

Anyways since I have no girlfriends and I've been sick, I did the most obvious thing to cheer myself up: Shop! I found some cute stuff!

I bought this sparkle skirt and this teal top:

Then of course I got my booty back to the kitchen to hurry and get things done for our dinner party tonight, yep ANOTHER ONE. I honestly would love to have a night to just eat chinese take out and not have to clean up but I am going to change my attitude and enjoy it. 

I even made Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Granola for a dessert (with ice cream). 

Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Granola
- 4 Tbsp Peanut Butter
- 4 Tbsp Honey
- 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
- 1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract
- 2 Cups Oats

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Microwave Peanut Butter, Honey, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Extract for 20 seconds. Pour the melted mix over the oats until the oats are covered. Spray a baking pan with Pam. Spread the oats out flat. Bake until golden (about 20 mins) YUMMY!

Blessed. 6 Mile Mornin' Run!

The initial thought of me graduating was, OHHH NO MY LIFE IS OVER. I adored college. College for me was amazing. I loved high school, loved college, and honestly I am beginning to love being out of school.

What?! Did I actually just say that?! Yep!

I have been feeling so blessed. I was thinking about how life goes so quickly. Before I moved here, I wasted a lot of energy dreading it and worrying about it. One of the best advice tips I got was that you need to give God your worries (literally tell God to take the worry and he can deal with it) and then to say "Yes" to more things. I am so happy that I did. If I had be negative then I wouldn't have moved in with Anthony- the best part of me living in this city! 

I have become even closer to Anthony. He makes me so happy. I am shocked with how well he takes care of me. Last night he came home with my favorites: Flowers, a girl magazine, and gum. (He knows how to make me happy!) I also get to come home to 3 loving pup-children: Berkley, Dixie, and Drago. 

This morning I woke up and forced myself to go run- wasn't feeling it. BUT once I got out there I really enjoyed it. 

I did a 6 mile run (56 mins) at Memorial Park. I love when I have a good run, come home to shower, and then put on a big boyfriend's tshirt and curl up with some breakfast!! 

On that note... real world starts in a week. Whomp, Whomp. :)


Workin' the Toosh Before Mozzerella Stuffed Turkey Hamburgers

Y'all I love workout classes. They push me to do a full workout, they get me excited to be working out, and they are a mindless way to work the entire body. I haven't loved running here in Houston. I miss the beautiful trails in Austin. I miss the set distances of the trails and the running culture there. 

Today I couldn't run. It was deathly hot and we were having guests over for the evening. Dinner parties after dinner parties- they are killing my running groove y'all!! 

Instead of running I decided to do a 20 minute kickboxing workout video from our TV-OnDemand. I really didn't have much time and it was a simple way to get myself moving since I was taking off from running today... 20 minutes later I was soaked with sweat!!

Tuesdays we host a Tuesday Night Dinner Club with all of Anthony and My friends. Tonight was my night to make dinner and boy was it yummy!! The boys DEVOURED IT!

 Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers: 
- 1 lb of Ground Turkey
- 1/2 tsp Garlic Salt
- 1/4 tsp Pepper
- 1 cup diced onions, spinach, and tomato mix (alter to your liking)
- Squeeze of Dijon Mustard
-Mozzarella balls

Cut up the onions, spinach, and tomato. Mix with Mustard, Garlic Salt, and Pepper. Mix Turkey and the rest of the ingredients together. 
Form into about 7 hamburger patties and press one mozzarella ball into each pattie. Make sure the mozzarella ball is completely hidden inside the pattie. Grill the burgers for about 5 minutes on each side. These burgers are so juicy AND delicious! 

After dinner the whole group went out for drinks. Anthony and I had a blast. I am loving being with him so much. Dang it's fun to live with my best friend!! 
We were joking about how Michael (A's Brother) would be lost without us. Y'all HE LEFT THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN LAST NIGHT! This is HUGE since we live downtown Houston where cars are constantly broken into and things are stolen a lot. We decided that Michael needs a babysitter (not just for this but for when he loses his keys daily, can't do his dishes, can't cook, etc). :p


Pizzzz-ah!, pizzz-ah!, pizzzz-ah!

It was pizza night here at our house! Anthony and I finished a long bike ride on the bayou trails and then ate pizza and vegged in front of the TV (so American: pizza and tv!)

I made a healthy pizza on tortillas with spinach, turkey, and tomatoes.

Anthony made a pizza with bbq chicken, spinach, mozzarella, tomatoes, and a beer pizza dough.

Tortilla Pizza:
1 Whole Wheat tortilla
Olive Oil
Brush olive oil on the top of the tortilla. Either bake in the oven at 375 degrees for about 15 mins or else go right to the grill and grill that sucka!

Beer Pizza Dough: 
1/2 cup Beer 
2 cups Bisquick
Mix together and mold into a flat pizza. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes until you are ready to dress the pizza with toppings and sauce and then transfer to the grill... It's pretty heavenly!!

I love how Anthony and I adapt our meals to our liking. We are both healthy but as a big strong guy he craves more hearty meals. I think it is so important that we are both satisfied and happy with what we are eating!


8 miles of Confidence

I am constantly in awe of the power of the brain. We have all heard the common saying "Running is 90% mental" but I would go further to say that this is common for most aspects in life. 

When I was in college athletics we were constantly taught the power of the brain and positive thinking. I have seen first hand the success it can bring, while also seeing the destruction that can occur from negative thinking. 

Tonight was a real testament to this. Anthony and I had planned on doing a long 8 mile Bike/Run date (he rode the bike and I ran). As we were getting ready to go, Michael (Anthony's little brother and our 3rd roommate), asked if he could join. Michael loves to run but generally runs short, fast distances and spends the rest of the time lifting weights in the gym.

All three of us started out in positive spirits; the weather was perfect. Now, I was adamant of keeping a 10 min/mile pace and had let the boys know that I wasn't changing the pace no matter what! I had been feeling kind of ill lately so I wanted to keep a comfortable pace. 

The miles seemed to go by smoothly. I am a confident runner- I believe that is why I enjoy running. I don't take myself to seriously and I don't put pressure on myself. 

As we were running I noticed that Michael wanted to speed up. Anthony and I kept going at our set speed. At first I started to question my ability. Maybe I wasn't in such great shape anymore, maybe I am slacking, Should I have been sprinting too? Was my pace too slow? Then I started to come up with excuses: It is so hot here in Houston, I haven't felt well all weekend, etc. I was doubting myself and starting to get frustrated. I noticed all of this and I quickly changed the channel. I said to myself that I was keeping this pace, I was going to enjoy it, and I wasn't going to compare myself to Michael or try to change my game plan. 

I am really proud of that 8 mile run. I spent about 5 minutes of doubt and quickly shoved it away. I finished just under 80mins. It felt great. At about mile 6 Michael's sprinting hurt him. He was miserable those last 2 miles, he would run and then walk and was not enjoying it. 

I have to remember that everyone has different ways to workout. I am no longer torturing myself for workouts, no longer trying to compete with the person next to me, I will always be an athlete but it's time for me to enjoy all of it, not just the wins!  I was proud of that 8 miles of confidence, 8 miles of a perfect pace, 8 miles that I mentally enjoyed. :)

Now time to blog and relax!

Take me out to the bay house...

Dixie helped me water the plants
Anthony and I were down at the bay house relaxing this weekend. Well kind of, I am totally relaxing but Anthony had a JOB INTERVIEW- on Saturday! It went really well. I cannot wait to see what comes of this job. It's basically being an engineer for ships and cargo. 

Fingers crossed that they come back to him with a great salary. This is the industry he wants to be in since both of our families are in the boat business.
I have asked God to really take this opportunity and do his will. Anthony has had a lot of ups and downs with jobs this year and I just pray that he finds his niche soon. It is so difficult to start out!

 Anthony and I spent the afternoon in great moods: we went and got snow cones (our favorite), we hungout with my dad at the Yacht Club bar, went out on the boat for a bit, and then went for dinner at a totally relaxed, low key bar and grill. 

At the bar we sat at the outside bar and cheered for the Texans! We ordered fried boudin balls (yes I understand how bad these are but they are delicious!) Well I was sick from them. 

Anthony was so good. I felt horrible that I was bringing down his night with me being sick. I am so blessed to have a man who is willing to deal with my crazy fussy stomach.  I couldn't have asked for a better man!


Friday freak out!

Today was a puppy scare! Our foster pup, Drago, has a fractured leg and has to be kenneled for most of the day- gotta rest that little puppy leg!
I get home from my lunch date, let the big dogs out, and then go to the kennel to see Mr. Drago. 
My heart stops, Ohh dang: Drago's cast is completely bent! Yikes! I immediately called the vet and asked if we could come in to see how his leg was. Anthony walked in the door from work and we rushed pup to Bingle Vet (Where we take my own dogs).  He didn't seem in pain so I started to relax. Isn't he cute?!
The vet was awesome and he ended up taking pup's cast off completely. I am hoping it heals alright! Fingers crossed y'all.

I love Bingle Vet here in Houston. I think Dr. Vaughan is my favorite Veterinarian (trust me when I say I have a good judge on vets: with the 20 dogs that I have fostered, working at a vet clinic, and spending lots of my time with dog rescue work). 
Now this is where my experience sways a bit. Drago is an Austin Boxer Rescue dog. ABR does work with Bingle Vet but since it is in Houston, Bingle is not the primary vet nor is it a charity vet clinic. I definitely understand that. HOWEVER the front desk lady, named Francis, was so rude to me as we were leaving. I am not confrontational at all so when people are rude or mean to me I completely shut down, and walk away. 
As we are leaving I tell the woman thank you and that I would be back on monday to bring my own baby Dixie in for her appointment. The woman goes on to make a scene (in front of other patients) about how this isn't a charity hospital and how they aren't really supposed to take our foster in. I said, ok and that I was sorry. I get in the car and think of all the mean things I wanted to say, of course I said none of them. I wonder why people get nasty sometimes. Being mean doesn't get much accomplished and it generally just makes everything worse. 
If she had stopped to think about it she would have realized that one: my family will happily be paying a large bill from the vet, we are trying to rescue a sweet and helpless puppy, and the vet was more than happy to be helping us out. 

Life is too short to be mean .. I guess on that note I should also realize life is too short to hold a grudge. Done and done. :)

MORNING Motivation! Get it!

This morning I FINALLY was able to get a morning run in. Wahoo. I have had such a hard time getting my booty going in the morning. I did the Memorial Park 3 mile loop in about 28 minutes (no records here but I was up so no complaints!).
Boy, it was humid. I am having such a hard time getting used to humidity. What is a girl supposed to do?! I was a big ball of sweaty mess.

Texas runners are crazy too, people were running in pants today.. umm y'all crazy!!

Anyways, I went out to a lunch date with Wes today over at Cafe Express. It feels good to have friends. I don't have really any Houston friends yet, since just moving here, and it was nice to have Wes take me out to lunch. I got a veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was delish. I was soo hungry. Yay for my LUNCH DATE!! 

So now that I am living in Houston I have to use this fashion degree and dress up. Houston is a fairly dressy place. In Austin I have been so used to throwing on a tennis skirt and tank top, or the Southern College Girl Uniform of big tshirt and nike tempos. I am learning that grown ups dress up, especially in Houston! Time to use that full warehouse of a closet I have to good use :)


Productive is my middle name today: 40 min run + 1 hr bike

Today was a day of PRODUCTIVITY! I got so many errands done. Baby gift, buying dog food, cleaning, and a million other random errands. Isn't that the best feeling ever to get them all done!?! Oh and I did 6 loads of laundry today too. Yep, SIX LOADS OF LAUNDRY. That is what happens when you live with two men. I can honestly say that I started laundry at 9am and didn't finish until late last night. Yikes.
This evening was very low key. I did a 40 minute run in the trails of Houston. Dang, it is difficult to go up and down hills. Trail running is such a wonderful change. I feel like a lot of times we get so comfortable in our same routines and same run courses that we need a little change. It was deathly hot (no surprise there) but very peaceful.
Today's run sparked my interest in trail running. Maybe someday I will do a 50 mile trail race, maybe? ok probably not but it does exist!
After my run, I rested for a while, did some house work, watched some Tivoed episodes (Teen Mom, yall!) and waited for my man to get home.
Together we did a one hour bike ride through the nice neighborhoods of Houston. I love getting some exercise this way: Beautiful houses, amazing landscape, nice wide sidewalks, bike riding, and my awesome boy... yes please.


Dinner Party.

Our lives seem to be consumed by dinner parties, Sunday night Anthony and I had all of our friends over for smoked meat, rolls, and bean salad, Monday we went to Anthony's parents house for a lovely steak dinner with his grandparents, Tuesday we will have more friends over for a Tuesday Dinner Tradition for  chicken and rice, and Wednesday (today) we will spend with my family out at one of the nicer restaurants here in town.
This puts a huge strain on me. It is a large change to go from living on my own to now eating meals with the boys, and trying to adapt to their eating. I find that dinner parties are hard for me; I am trying to please the hosts and/or the guests and sometimes eat things and portions that I wouldn't normally do.
I am going to make a conscious effort to be better at my "dinner party scarf downs". I have always been good at keeping to my own style of eating, but it has been a struggle since moving in with the boys. 
I am going to start making the boys eat healthier with me (even though they might not know it!).
Oatmeal Cookies:
+ 3/4 cup applesauce
+ 1 egg white
+ 2 tablespoons canola oil
+ 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
+ 1 cup packed brown sugar
+ 1 teaspoon baking soda
+ 1 teaspoon baking soda
+ 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
+ .5 teaspoon salt
+ 1 cup raisins
+ 2 cups oats
+ 1.5 cup flour
350 degrees. 15 minutes. Yum :)


3 mile run + biking fail!

Today I did a 3 mile treadmill run before heading out with Anthony for a bike ride on the trails. This is where the major fail happens. I was all ready, suited up, helmet on, and ready for some fun bike riding (Anthony's favorite). The trails started out fairly easy and we were both having a blast. Every so often we would come to a difficult part of the trail but I was doing fine scaling them. 
some of the battle wounds!
BUT THEN... we came to a huge rocky drop and I didn't grip the ground. My bike and I both crashed, scratching up my body. 
I broke into tears. More of frustration and pain than anything. I looked down and my leg was raw. Anthony was so good, he rushed to me and kept me calm. He told me that he could walk our bikes back to the truck and offered a piggy back ride for me. I collected myself and then said that I needed to ride back on the trails because if not then I would be more frustrated. 
We made it to the truck and I was so frustrated that I couldn't do it. I pride myself on being athletic and was really down. Anthony, being awesome, drove straight to Sonic so he could cheer me up with a Cherry Limeade. Isn't it so hard to fail? It makes me crazy!

Monday organization.

Monday I spent the day tackling this monster called the closet. Boy, unpacking is such a job! Anthony and I have a massive closet that we share (it's the size of a dorm room single!). 
Right now it looks extremely unorganized, as you can see. I basically unpacked everything and threw it on the shelves and on hangers so that the maid wouldn't have a heart attack when walking there. 
Unpacking seems to be taking forever but I am excited to get it in order. I have so much space!! It does seem to fill up though with my truckloads of clothes. (That's what I get for being a fashion major and living so dang close to Marshalls!)
Luckily, I am an OR-GAN-IZER. It comes with being OCD. I always complain about having OCD but in some aspects it can benefit, like the closet! I have always had a clean, organized closet and this one is about to be that way.
I have a few things that help me conquer the disorder:
1. Section off the closet:
Keep things in their own areas. I don't allow tshirts and shorts to mix, no bras and sweats to mingle, basically if everything has an area then it won't go missing!
2. Use hooks:
It is such a pain to always have to fold something that you use a lot. This is the case with my pjs. I tend to wear Anthony's big tshirts and old large gym shorts. I also don't see the need to constantly fold them, so instead I use a wall hook were they can hang conveniently, ready for the next lazy moment! Also it's great for my comfy, sweatshirt that I wear at home.
3. Baskets:
I am a basket-aholic. It is wonderful method for me to toss my bathing suits, bras, underwear, and socks in their own baskets. This is also perfect for all of my workout spandex. Baskets keeps all of my stuff hidden and organized, no one wants to see my panties all the time!
4. Throw it out:
I have never been attached to things. People generally get mad with me when I have no problem throwing out things that are sentimental to others. Now I love clothes and have a TON, but in general, all of the stuff in my closet gets used. Those that do not are quickly thrown out the door; no hanger moochers in this closet!
5. Keep order and enjoy the closet:
Once my closet is organized, then you better believe that it will stay that way. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be clutter free! 
On that note, I am off to unpack and get this closet in tip-top shape! Pictures to come!!!!

3 Mile Monday

Monday's have always been good to me, I believe it's my obsession with routine and planning. I have gotten into a little routine here that begins with our pup-children Dixie and Berkley.

Anthony and I love our dogs like children. We have the special-needs-never-have-a-bad-day Dixie and type-A-toy-obsessed Berkley. ANNND now we have a foster pup that is healing at the house. 
Michael, Anthony's brother and our 3rd roommate, has become so attached to the foster pup. I am thinking that he isn't going to want to give him up once the leg and skin heal! Another pup-child in the family? Why not! Don't worry, y'all will never see us on Animal Hoarders. I SWEAR! 
We live in downtown Houston and there is no way we would allow any more!
I did manage to go for a 3 mile run. I went at 1pm and DANNNNG it was hot. I ran in a sports bra and shorts... I am soo ready for fall weather!!
Oh and one last note: Last night we went to a dinner party with Anthony's family and his grandparents (a weekly occurrence) and his mom was nice to me (NOT even a daily occurrence). It feels good to be approved of!! yay!
Also we ended the night with my favorite monday activity, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!! :)


Weekend run- 8 miles

First, the Mini-bike has consumed the boys this weekend. It's been really fun to watch how excited they are about it. We even went across town to buy a new motor for it from a online seller. 
ANYWAYS, this weekend I made awesome peanut butter cookies. I have been trying to eat a lot healthier now that I am moving into a grown up life- yikes! But living with two guys means that I will have to make some yummies for them from time to time. :)
We have had a great weekend so far. Saturday consisted of us running errands, mini-bike, baking, cleaning, and then dinner with the Wagners at Benjys. I had the BEST entree. I asked for a custom pizza: Basil, tomatoes, onions, spinach, tomato sauce, and NO CHEESE- wonderful choice!
We went out for a bit, but I was so exhausted (and really wanting no excuse to not run the next morning) that I asked Anthony to bring me home early. 
This is where the badass part of the weekend begins! I woke up this morning at 7am to walk the pups and get the dishwasher unloaded. I let Anthony sleep until 8am when I reminded him that he had promised to go on my 8 mile run with me. 
Workout Dates:
Dating a fellow runner has never been in my cards and I have never really gotten in on the couple-workouts. But that has changed, Anthony and I have managed a system for us to workout together.... BIKE/ RUN DATES! yes I run while Anthony rides the bike beside me. It's great. This morning on our 8 mile run, we chatted, and enjoyed quality time together. We have great talks during our workout dates, it is almost like we are in our own world for that time. (Except I am sure it got annoying today on our workout date because I kept complaining how DEATHLY hot Houston was!!) It was a wonderful start to the day; Anthony carried the camelback and we toured the trails!!



Today marks my last day. It was very emotional for me and very busy. I woke up at 6 am for a last 5 mile run at the lake. It was far from glamourous: I wore a cotton Tshirt which was soaked with sweat (dang humidity!!), I managed to swallow a few bugs, and the sprinklers on the trail went off so I had to alter my run. Really Austin?! not a great last running date. :)
Then was the final. After the final I wondered around campus for a bit taking in the sites. It was very surreal, it still hasn't hit. 
Now here is the fun/ great distracting part: WE ARE FOSTERING A PUPPY... ok, ok, I know what you are thinking: "This girl is a total dog lady". Well maybe but he's cute and his name is Drago. 
I rushed to go pick him up before I drove the long, sad drive to Houston. He was a great distraction for me, especially because most of the drive I kept thinking how stinky he was. He was also super cute though so it was totally ok. 
Anyways I made it to Houston. It wasn't the best night for Anthony and me. He has been really stressed at work so it carried over a bit. We ordered take-out chinese. I love takeout chinese and this is why, you can order steamed chicken and vegetables. Such a healthy alternative to all of the other menu options and it is delicious with some rice. 
That night we went out for drinks with Anthony's friend Wes, who just so happened had a gift for Anthony.... and... well, the boy now has a vintage mini bike that he is excited to restore. Oh gosh!


This week has been a blur. I have been knee deep in finishing my finals, preparing to move, and trying not to break down crying every few seconds! I did manage to get great workouts in though:
Tuesday I did a spinning workout at the gym. I never cycle but it was awesome to work different muscles and beat the heat outside. I pumped up the music and got in the zone.
Wednesday I did a 7 mile run before classes. Wow was it great. Afterwords I treated myself to Whole Foods granola and a magazine. (ps I totally showered at the school gym and the shower heads there are AMAZING rain one! Yeah classy!!) 
Thursday  I did a light workout at the gym on the bike. Nothing special, but a workout is a workout!
This brings me to today, thursday, MY LAST DAY EVER in Austin tomorrow. I am trying to understand how real this is!
Today was all about studying y'all. Please note how I followed true senior-study-style:
oh, you know, just studying at the school pool, nbd.

Yep, I relaxed and enjoyed all the great places on my campus! Perfect! 
Now I while I was studying I got a text from Marie informing me that she was waiting for me to watch the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. YES PLEASE! 
I made it back in time for dog snuggles and TV time. 
Tomorrow is the last day here in Austin and last day at UT.


Life is too short.

Today I had a wonderful talk with Marie. As we all know, I am staying with Marie during my last week of college. I think that it is very interesting to hear people talk about how they got to where they are in life.
Marie was a graduate of my Alma Mater, the University of Texas. She graduated and managed to get a great job in London, but after a while she became homesick for Texas and moved back. She took a low paying job at first to support herself here in Austin but was really unhappy. Her father became diagnosed with Cancer and eventually passed away. This sparked Marie to make a change in her life. She decided that she didn't want to live life this way and set herself a deadline for a new job. As the deadline approached she began to work harder and harder to find the right job and finally she found a job that she wanted at the United Way. Her experience with them was wonderful and lead her to a great career.
I was very pleased to talk to her. She really wanted to reiterate that life is too short to be unhappy, even if it means being poor for a while. I truly agree, but I always have a problem with taking risks like this.
It made me question that job that I have lined up in Houston, maybe I should hold out for a job that I actually want. This is the one time that I will have the total support of my parents, maybe this is the time to use that and make things happen for me in the industry that I want.
Why is the working world so scary?! hehe

Monday Morning - 3 mil

Today marks the last week of undergrad classes for me. Wow it has flown by.
I wanted to get in a lot of my favorite Austin stops today, cram in time at the lake, meal at Whole Foods, visit to SoCo area, and a few other things that I would love to squeeze in this week!
I woke up and rushed out at 6am this morning. It was a quick sweaty 3 mile run. It was so cool to watch the sun rise on the lake. Surprisingly there were lots of people out for their morning runs to, it felt like an exclusive club of morning runners! 
I treated myself to an iced coffee that morning. I admit that iced coffee is my favorite treat. Dang it was GOOOD!!


My Last Sunday as a ATX Runner.

This morning I had to wake up and rush down to the lake. It is my last Sunday in Austin so I just HAD to partake in the Sunday-Morning-Running Culture here. By 7am I was joining the crowd:
I ran the 3 mile loop, working on my speed. It was a great feeling to start my day this way. But, DANG it was humid today. My shirt was soaked after the run!!
I had a little free time so I headed a few blocks over to my favorite food spot on the face of this earth, Whole Foods in downtown Austin.
Obviously I took a few "samples" from the bulk area.. don't tell!
I figure that since I buy enough there, that I should be entitled to a few "shopping snacks"!! Right?!

Later I went over to my old apartment to clean it out and turn in my keys. I am so sad. It is healthy to move on in life but that doesn't mean that it is easy. I am so nervous about my new life in Houston. It is quickly approaching- one week from today. I have a verse that really spoke to me today: "But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" - Philippians 3:14
New beginnings aren't always easy, but I can't stay in school forever. 
This time next week I will be one step closer to being a "REAL" adult, I will be trying to figure out how to make my new life in Houston as wonderful and as healthy as it has been in Austin, I will be in the same city as Anthony and we will begin our lives together, and I will have to get used to watching my Texas Longhorn Football games on a tv screen (scary! hehe). 


Quiet 4 mile run

Tonight I did a 4 mile run and boy was it quiet. Saturday nights aren't usually a popular time to running, mainly because everyone is out having fun. But this weekend is all about moving for me and getting our old apartment in order. (Tomorrow I turn in my keys and door clicker, wow!)

Truly it has been really quiet being at UT in the summer. Most of the students take the first summer session and then go home. But I am cramming my last semester into the summer, therefore I am left to face the quietness of UT summers. There aren't any of my sorority sisters here, none of my old teammates, the BF is in Houston at the bay house, and the 2 close friends that are here this summer are working their booties off. So it was no surprise that I would have a quiet Saturday night.

There is nothing wrong with that. Nights alone can sometimes generate the most "soul-refreshing" moments. Hence my Austin Bucket list came about today! Hopefully I can squeeze in among my classes and finals this week!!

Here is my Last-Week-In-Austin Bucket list:
-Black Swan yoga class (I love yoga classes here)
- Paddle boarding with the girlies (we have planned to go Wednesday)
-Watch the bats coming out from the bridge
-One last study at Whole Foods (this has been my favorite study place while here at UT)
-Morning runs at the lake
-Drink as many 7-Eleven Slurpees before I move to downtown Houston (no close 7-Elevens! Yikes)

So far that is it! Bucket lists are pretty fun to make. It gets you thinking of all the positive things that you want to do, and I truly believe that writing something down has great value. It certainly shows the things that spark your spirit!!

Lime-Basil Salad

Today, after my lazy morning, I headed over to help my ex-roommate move from our old apartment to her new place...Y'all her new place should be on MTV Cribs (is that still a show?) I mean, DANG it's beautiful. It made me think, Ok now if I won the lottery then I'd totally get an apartment like this. Maybe use it as a secret get-away spot for me to wear PJs all day, watch chick flicks, eat snack food, and blog about how fabulous my apartment was. Too crazy? Maybe so... BUT it could happen because I do play the Lotto every once and awhile!
The Anthony and I once won $50, which we spent on candy and snowcones! 

I wanted something really fresh for lunch and made a delicious Lime-Basil Salad. Basically it consisted of what was available!
Maple Grove has a Fat Free, Low Calorie, Lime Basil Dressing that is fantastic. It is light and extremely versatile. It is great on salads, meat, beans, and basically is a miracle dressing in my book!

Today's Bowl consisted of:
Tomato, cucumber, yellow onion, avocado, garbanzo beans, fresh cilantro, and AMAZING Lime-Basil Salad dressing.