Lazy Saturday Morning

Remember those lazy Saturday mornings as a child? For me Saturday mornings were the best. My twin and I would come downstairs, cozy in our big, stretched out tshirts, head downstairs for some ABC Saturday Morning cartoons, and relax as my aunt, Mia, would be in the kitchen.
12 years later, here I am, on the brink of graduating college, trying to make a professional name for myself, and yet I am sitting on the couch in a stretched out, XL tshirt and booty shorts, watching tv, and eating a large bowl of breakfast. I may have switched breakfast types but nevertheless, I have that wonderful Saturday morning feeling.
I usually spend my Saturday's down at the bay, going for a run, or running errands but today was all about the relaxation. I think that it is healthy for me to lounge, I am a SCHEDULER (understatement!) and I don't always let myself do nothing. Today has been a great start! My workout can be postponed!
My lazy morning recipe:
-overnight oatmeal with banana (I am now addicted to this breakfast)
-an old, stretched out, University of Texas Football Tshirt (the ex bf's...opps!)
-a snuggly fleece blanket (my giraffe fleece blanket)
-messy hair and glasses
-and some recorded TV episodes!
Here is Oscar taking advantage of the lazy morning too:

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