Quiet 4 mile run

Tonight I did a 4 mile run and boy was it quiet. Saturday nights aren't usually a popular time to running, mainly because everyone is out having fun. But this weekend is all about moving for me and getting our old apartment in order. (Tomorrow I turn in my keys and door clicker, wow!)

Truly it has been really quiet being at UT in the summer. Most of the students take the first summer session and then go home. But I am cramming my last semester into the summer, therefore I am left to face the quietness of UT summers. There aren't any of my sorority sisters here, none of my old teammates, the BF is in Houston at the bay house, and the 2 close friends that are here this summer are working their booties off. So it was no surprise that I would have a quiet Saturday night.

There is nothing wrong with that. Nights alone can sometimes generate the most "soul-refreshing" moments. Hence my Austin Bucket list came about today! Hopefully I can squeeze in among my classes and finals this week!!

Here is my Last-Week-In-Austin Bucket list:
-Black Swan yoga class (I love yoga classes here)
- Paddle boarding with the girlies (we have planned to go Wednesday)
-Watch the bats coming out from the bridge
-One last study at Whole Foods (this has been my favorite study place while here at UT)
-Morning runs at the lake
-Drink as many 7-Eleven Slurpees before I move to downtown Houston (no close 7-Elevens! Yikes)

So far that is it! Bucket lists are pretty fun to make. It gets you thinking of all the positive things that you want to do, and I truly believe that writing something down has great value. It certainly shows the things that spark your spirit!!

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  1. I always make bucket lists. Soo helpful!! One random thing on my list is to try the VerMonster... girl I am going to devour that thing and then brag about it for a lifetime!