MORNING Motivation! Get it!

This morning I FINALLY was able to get a morning run in. Wahoo. I have had such a hard time getting my booty going in the morning. I did the Memorial Park 3 mile loop in about 28 minutes (no records here but I was up so no complaints!).
Boy, it was humid. I am having such a hard time getting used to humidity. What is a girl supposed to do?! I was a big ball of sweaty mess.

Texas runners are crazy too, people were running in pants today.. umm y'all crazy!!

Anyways, I went out to a lunch date with Wes today over at Cafe Express. It feels good to have friends. I don't have really any Houston friends yet, since just moving here, and it was nice to have Wes take me out to lunch. I got a veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was delish. I was soo hungry. Yay for my LUNCH DATE!! 

So now that I am living in Houston I have to use this fashion degree and dress up. Houston is a fairly dressy place. In Austin I have been so used to throwing on a tennis skirt and tank top, or the Southern College Girl Uniform of big tshirt and nike tempos. I am learning that grown ups dress up, especially in Houston! Time to use that full warehouse of a closet I have to good use :)

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