Workin' the Toosh Before Mozzerella Stuffed Turkey Hamburgers

Y'all I love workout classes. They push me to do a full workout, they get me excited to be working out, and they are a mindless way to work the entire body. I haven't loved running here in Houston. I miss the beautiful trails in Austin. I miss the set distances of the trails and the running culture there. 

Today I couldn't run. It was deathly hot and we were having guests over for the evening. Dinner parties after dinner parties- they are killing my running groove y'all!! 

Instead of running I decided to do a 20 minute kickboxing workout video from our TV-OnDemand. I really didn't have much time and it was a simple way to get myself moving since I was taking off from running today... 20 minutes later I was soaked with sweat!!

Tuesdays we host a Tuesday Night Dinner Club with all of Anthony and My friends. Tonight was my night to make dinner and boy was it yummy!! The boys DEVOURED IT!

 Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers: 
- 1 lb of Ground Turkey
- 1/2 tsp Garlic Salt
- 1/4 tsp Pepper
- 1 cup diced onions, spinach, and tomato mix (alter to your liking)
- Squeeze of Dijon Mustard
-Mozzarella balls

Cut up the onions, spinach, and tomato. Mix with Mustard, Garlic Salt, and Pepper. Mix Turkey and the rest of the ingredients together. 
Form into about 7 hamburger patties and press one mozzarella ball into each pattie. Make sure the mozzarella ball is completely hidden inside the pattie. Grill the burgers for about 5 minutes on each side. These burgers are so juicy AND delicious! 

After dinner the whole group went out for drinks. Anthony and I had a blast. I am loving being with him so much. Dang it's fun to live with my best friend!! 
We were joking about how Michael (A's Brother) would be lost without us. Y'all HE LEFT THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN LAST NIGHT! This is HUGE since we live downtown Houston where cars are constantly broken into and things are stolen a lot. We decided that Michael needs a babysitter (not just for this but for when he loses his keys daily, can't do his dishes, can't cook, etc). :p

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