Sleepless Night.. and Step Class?

Our dinner party last night went without a hitch. The food was wonderful and Anthony's parents and the Brewers (Family friends) had a great time.

I was exhausted after. I have been fighting my body but finally it broke down last night. I couldn't sleep at all. Around 2 am I moved downstairs to the couch. Isn't it weird how sometimes a change of scenery can be just what you need? I quickly passed out on the couch!

I woke up to rain, yep rain in Houston! CRAZY! So no run for this girl. Instead I spent the moring resting, eating all the fruit in the house, and watching mindless tv. 

Around noon I headed over to the YMCA here in downtown for some yoga, I decided it would be good for me. WELLL I missed the class and me being the crazy person I am, I ended up walking into a step class. I figured, why the heck not, and stayed. I took it lightly because I wasn't feeling 100% but it was a blast! You have to pay a lot of attention since the steps go quickly. I did notice that many of the people there were die-hards, they seemed to know all of the steps. Time went by so fast. I was shocked whenever it was time to cool down! I was pretty sweaty and felt energized. :)

I have never really respected BodyStep as a workout but that has changed- what a fun way to get moving. It reminded me of dance class! 


  1. I love step classes! I used to go to one that really kicked my rear!

  2. i love step classes too! they're so fun. do you live downtown? I work downtown we should get lunch sometime!

  3. I do live downtown! I would love to get lunch sometime :) :) Maybe next week!!