9 Mile Run and Mom Date

This morning I woke up got myself ready, filled up the camel back, walked the dogs, grabbed a banana, and woke Anthony up. We had planned on going on a 9 mile bike/run.  

Michael was planning on going with us on the run so after I woke Anthony up I started to head to Michael's room. Luckily Anthony stopped me in time; Michael had gone out last night with a girl friend and she stayed the night.. Phew, that could have been awkward! Sometimes I feel like living with Michael is like being a mom: laundry, dishes, lunches, trying to keep him healthy, and avoiding his room when girls are around ;)

Anyways, Anthony headed out about 8am. I set the Garmin up and we ran along the bayou. I kept around a 10 min per mile pace and enjoyed the morning. I kept getting really tired but kept going. Anthony is great at keeping the run fun. When we were done I jumped in the shower. I have noticed lately how red my face gets from working out here in Houston. Umm is that normal?! I was so hot when we got home that I had to take an ice cold shower!

I was planning on going to the wine and brunch date at 1pm but took up an offer to spend time with my mom (that NEVER happens even though we live 5 blocks away). I am trying to get closer to her and this weekend has been great for that. We went out to a quick T.J. Maxx date and talked about my future. I have been feeling so blessed, my mom and Anthony have really helped me feel settled in Houston. 

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