Prenups and Neutering

Wearing the skirt I made and a cute linen shirt!
Last night Antony and I headed over to his parent's house for dinner. Now his grandmother, Nana, has reached that age where she has no filter on her mouth, whatever that girl is thinking is being said. 

His Nana has always liked me. BUT that wasn't the usual. I had heard horror stories before meeting her about a year and a half ago. The first time we went out to eat with her I about peed my pants (no joke). I was anticipating the things she would say since Anthony had told me that she has openly disliked his past girlfriends. To my surprise, she liked me and since then it has been a breeze.

Now although it has been a breeze, it is by no means dull! Last night was a great testament to that:

Nana: Stephanie (Anthony's cousin) had to sign a prenup. I don't see why she had to sign a prenup (both families are extremely rich). I would never sign a prenup. 
Me: Oh, well I'm sure that Stephanie will stay happily married. (I don't really know this but dang this is awkward)
Nana: Did you sign a prenup?
Me: (I flash my empty left hand) Nope, I am not married. I have never had to worry about that!
Nana: Well would you sign a prenup?! Because I damn wouldn't. No way.
Me: Sure? (OH man I am so uncomfortable) 
Nana: I wouldn't. No way.
Me: Good thing you are already married then. :)

Umm how are you supposed to respond to this?!
* I can hear Anthony in the kitchen behind me, he is busting out laughing.
*She says this as she arrives in a Bentley, is wearing jewelry that costs more than everything I own, and is right next to her husband that provided it all for her. Maybe she was smart by saying she "she ain't signing no prenup" ;)

Yep, dinner with Anthony's nana is never dull.

Oh another note: Our foster Drago is getting neutered today. 


  1. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! Saturday's race was definitely tough and I can't blame anyone for deciding not to do it. Are you running in any other local races any time soon?

  2. @Monika: The next planned run is the Nov. San Antonio Marathon with my bestie and future brother in law!
    I might do the Komen Run in October here in Houston though :)

    @Kait: Thanks girl! I am a sewing-aholic :)