Thursdays mark the end of my work week. It marks the end of my 4 day routine of waking up at 6am, walking dogs with Anthony, feeding dogs, putting on makeup, going upstairs with my oatmeal mix with apples and raisins, getting on the computer and catching up, and then out the door by 7:30. Then work work work until 6:30-7pm.
I am loving working with all of our patients!
Work can be slooooooow & the clinic is COLD!

After work I went straight to the new YMCA. I am getting into the routine of going straight from work and letting it be my tv time (I never get to watch my girl-trash-tv at our house!). I was able to get a treadmill run in for 4 miles while watching the most ridiculous show, Sister Wives.

This thursday marks the day before I leave for CHI-TOWN!! wahoooo.

I am so excited to go to Chicago. I miss my UT bestie Marika. My life has been missing something without her around. 


Saturday Blues and Sunday Morning Struggle.

My new room for the weekend.
This weekend was very difficult for me. Anthony was gone and I can tell you that it was very challenging for me to take care of puppy, do the loads and loads of laundry, find a dress for a million dollar wedding on my budget, and get my long run in. 

None of this stuff really makes for a good weekend unless you have your girl friends or boyfriend around!

The puppy has been a huge stress. Note to self: NEVER get a puppy. Puppies and OCD cause major mental breakdowns!

Yesterday I was really lonely. I finally called my mom and went with  her to look for a dress. I honestly had the hardest time finding one that fit properly... boob job is needed perhaps. Just kidding, kind of. 
Finally found a possible winner.

This morning I set out for a 15 mile run.... fail. I was doing great until mile 8 when I was soo hot and thirsty. It was another 3 miles to the nearest water fountain or to get to my car and my water bottle. I did something I never thought I would do. At mile 9.5 I called my dad to come get me. I was miserable. I was seriously contemplating stealing water from one to these mansions! But then I thought that my outfit wasn't cute enough and my newspaper picture of the girl who stole water from the River Oaks Mansions wouldn't even look good. So my dad came and took me home. 
"we need water!!"

Ughhhhh I wish I just lived here, then I could just walk in and get a drink!

The famous corner where I waited for my dad

I  surprisingly didn't care too much. I wasn't in the mood this weekend. I was so thirsty that I couldn't keep going. I have never had that happen. I was almost laughing at how ridiculous this weekend was in terms of planning one way and things turning out another way. 

So this afternoon I relaxed and watched Biggest Loser on Hulu with popcorn, cereal, and raisins in a bowl.

I know Anthony will be home soon... Until then I'm being lazy!


Quiet Friday Night & New Goals

Tonight I am alone. Actually this weekend I am alone- Just the pup dogs and me while Anthony is duck hunting at the ranch. 

I took the single girl route tonight, meaning a night consisting of a dinner purely of snack foods, a big ass tshirt, a cozy fleece blanket, and girl tv.. Oh and dog snuggles: 
Fake sleeping! 
I was hoping Dixie would hear herself snoring!!
I have been thinking a lot tonight about my goals. I am firm believer in writing things down. It helps solidify things.

Weekend Goals: 
- Finish lesson 4 in my online class (boooring)
- Long run (14-15 miles) not worrying about time or pace
- Whole Foods trip to stock the pantry with non-guy food snacks
- Work on Personal Statement for med school application
- Catch up on laundry
- Take a little time to shop and do something fun for me

Long(er) Term Goals:
- Ask both Doctors at the clinic I work at for letters of recommendation
- Get applications in before the end of November
- Focus on intuitive eating / whole foods
- Get good runs in
- Be better at working out while working full time
- Get Drago adopted

New nails, new shirt, new afternoon.

After my shirt was ripped I was scooped up by my mom for some nail therapy. I feel a lot better when my nails are polished. It makes me feel more put together. This is why my mom constantly treats me to pretty french manicures on the regular. I brought my new read: Born to Run and relaxed. 

 Afterwards I was surprised by Anthony. He had gotten me a new running top and running skirt (two of my favorite things!). Maybe he felt guilty about spending the weekend at the ranch duck hunting. Maybe he felt like I needed a cute outfit for my long run this weekend. Maybe he bought it for himself and then realized it was too small for him... hehe ok that one is a little ridiculous, just kidding!

The top is from Academy's brand BCG. It is so cute, loud, obnoxious, and I can't wait to get it all sweaty! The material is so light! I don't think that I will go unnoticed running in this!! I am impressed with this being an Academy brand top, I like cheap!

It was really sweet of him. I think he got it because we has some weird moments this week. (Today when I brought him his wallet at lunch we had a moment where he made a kind of inappropriate comment)

But I think that is normal for us to have some "off" moments since 1. we have been both working so hard  and come home tired and also 2. we have been dating for a long time and really haven't had many "off" moments, maybe we are due for some. 

We have only had one major fight in our entire long dating history. But this week we have had a few moments where we felt "off". I think he is amazing and I would love to spend the rest of my life with him but we shouldn't have moments like the facebook profile ordeal, or get awkward when people bring up marriage around us, and lastly I don't think that Anthony being unhappy at work should be as much as a strain on us.

Impromptu Lunch Date & a Torn Shirt

First, I did a 5 mile run this morning at the gym. Wahoo!

Anthony left his wallet at the house this morning and went right on to work without it. This meant I had to go deliver it to him all the way across town. I honestly was totally fine just dropping it off but Anthony had a better idea.. a lunch date! Wahoo. AND better yet: A lunch date at Panera!

I love Panera. I am so obsessed with their soup and bread bowls. You better believe that is what I got: 

Yum, yum, yum!!

Also today I ripped my shirt. Well technically my Mom's little white multi-poo named Stella ripped it after I picked her up from the groomers. 

Whomp, whomp...

I'm gonna be really honest and admit that I actually cried- I loved this shirt. Oh well. 

I know it is silly to cry over something like that but I get super sensitive when I am tired. I had spent the entire day listening to one of my friends and helping her because she is going through a hard time, then I was running errands for both Anthony and my mom, doing laundry for Anthony and Michael, taking care of dogs, and cleaning the house. I was pretty much on the brink by the time I picked up Stella. No harsh feelings though, maybe she was just telling me that I need some new shirts ;)


Facebook Ordeal.

Last night was the FIRST TIME that Anthony and I have gone to bed on unsettled terms. I am horrified to do this, I have a huge fear of dying, regret, and being in unsettled relationships.
It all began last night on the couch. Anthony was going on the laptop and the internet was opened up to my facebook page. 
I was snuggled on him so I said something like "look a picture of us! it's a pretty great profile pic if I may say so!!". Anthony took this entirely the wrong way and thought I was saying that because I was upset that his profile picture is not of us. Neither of us are religious FB users and his picture really hasn't been of us except maybe 2 times. I really don't care. At first it annoyed me that he still had some old girlfriend pics on FB when we first started getting serious but honestly I don't care now because everyone knows we have been together for a long time. 
It was really weird how he reacted. I don't understand where the argument came from or why it even arose. It wasn't heated, but definitely uncomfortable. We were completely meaning 2 different things!

I know this was dumb, but we went to bed on weird terms. I hate that. Is facebook seriously a reason to go to sleep mad?! haha 

True Life: I'm Clinically Blonde.

Oh yesterday was just another day for the book, the Big Book of Blonde Moments I mean. Yesterday at the clinic I had some moments that only I could have. Anthony loves to laugh at these moments, because in general I am not always there nor am I able to smoothly go through life. 

Case one:
I had just finished performing an ultra sound on a patients ankle and explaining to her about Ultrasound treatment. Basically breaking down for her how the ultra sound is a passive modality which sends sound waves into the soft tissue. This causes vibrating and thus heat generation. The heat will induce vasodilation, or better said it will bring blood into the tissue and promote healing, relieve pain, and inflammation. 

So I take a short break from the commotion and slip into the Xray dark room (where the xrays are developed). I finish developing and try to exit the room... umm I keep turning on the knob and pushing the door... nothing... crap, I am locked in! 

I start to freak out. I do something embarrassing and knock, hoping I will be saved. After a minute or so the door opens, opps... turns out the door opens inward, not outward, I had been pushing on an unlocked door the entire time... yep. Moving on.

Case two:
The day is coming to a close. I am getting excited to get home. I had been in the middle of putting a very eccentric older man on Hi-Volt and stepped out while he was hooked on the machine. I went over to the laundry in hopes to do all of it then, multitasking so that I could get out earlier. 

I grab the Costco style liquid laundry detergent case. I couldn't manage it up on the top self so I attempt to pull it down. FAIL. I managed to get my entire white polo covered with detergent. 

Anyways I am off to work... PLEASE let me be a fully functional person today!
Starting the day with a yummy breakfast of Oatmeal and raisins. 


Hump day, hurray!

This week has flown by. I have had lots of fun patients, lots of hours on my feet, and..... I've run both Monday and Tuesday! Heck yes.
Monday I went straight from work to do a 5 mile treadmill run at the YMCA. I took the time to watch tv and decompress. It put me in such an accomplished mood and I was home by 8pm to snuggle with my man. 
My crazy Nike shorts, yep & a knee brace
Tuesday I was also able to run. Again, I went straight from work. (I totally have been changing in my car, yep I've been in my skivvies in the car!) I went to Memorial Park and ran the 3 mile loop at a 8:20 pace. I also saved 2 people from losing their keys. One girl dropped her BMW key so I sprinted it to her and boy was she grateful!
So I now know that going straight from work to workout has been successful. It helps me keep to a schedule. If I go home then I tend to start to freak out about it getting dark, I might eat too much before I run, or I might say "screw it" and then go lay on the couch with chocolate. (I know, that sounds soo good doesn't it!) I hate that working out takes out time from Anthony and I but I also know that if I don't go workout then I am not in a good mood. I just need to find at least 30 mins for me to get a run in.
Memorial park is usually packed at 7pm!
The last few days have flown by and I feel like I am getting a little bit of a better hang on my life. I have been doing great with getting homework done at lunch time, keeping up with making the guy's lunches, and have even kept up with my work laundry. No more crazy person breakdowns..ok maybe that's like saying no more breathing, but I will certainly try to keep the sanity!

Anthony and I have been enjoying our evenings together. It's our only time since this weekend he will be back to the ranch for some more hunting. We are getting super annoyed about taking care of Michael's puppy Drago, well Michael's ex-adoptive puppy. I am not cut out to take care of THREE dogs!
"How could you not want 3 of me?!"


Night Out of the City

First let me say that my knee is killing me from running 12 miles yesterday. It always does this and I was totally feeling it all Sunday! MUST.ICE.AFTER.RUNS. It helps my bum knee!

Anyways: The time at the ranch was a blast. I drove down to the bay that afternoon to meet Anthony where we watched UT kick some UCLA football booty at the yacht club bar. WAHOO for lil McCoy and the rest of our baby team whooping some butt!! HOOK EM! 
That evening we went over to the ranch for a great time duck hunting. (IN MA NEW WADERS!)
I totally look like a dweeb here but those are the new waders!!!
 The first thing we did was go for a ride on the fourwheeler around the property. Andy (one Anthony's best high school friends) brought his girl friend to join the group. 

It was really interesting. Andy's girlfriend is a very sweet girl who Andy has quickly fallen for. I think she is good for Andy because they share the same interests and have very similar personalities. He is the type of guy that needs to have a girlfriend and I wouldn't be surprised if in the future they will ended up engaged... like after 6 months of dating.

Now I think it's great but I also think that it has hurt Anthony and Andy's relationship. 

She showed up to the ranch in booty cut off jeans, literally her booty cheeks were hanging out from the back. Also she had her stomach showing, full makeup, and flats on- normally, fine but we were out there to fourwheel and duck hunt. The entire time, Andy and her were all over each other, touching, and it was very uncomfortable. What really was weird was that night they went off on their own (fine) but never came back to hangout with the gang and then when Anthony and I entered the room with the bunk beds, Andy and her were fooling around (that's not really acceptable at the ranch, wait no not any place when you are supposed to be there to hangout with friends). 

It makes me sad that Andy has been really neglecting Anthony and his friendship. Anthony constantly invites them everywhere but Andy is always busy with his new girlfriend. When finally get them to come to the ranch, they don't care to socialize. I know it hurts Anthony's feelings because he misses his friend. 

Anthony, Me, Michael, Andy, the GF, and Brent... and the 16 Teal!!
Right after we limited out. Brent took a picture so we could brag about how early we were done!
On a separate note, the hunting was fun. My boy shot the best out of anyone (no big surprise from that supa star) I loved seeing all the guys and getting to be out of the city for a bit!

Berk was exhausted on the drive home! 
Keep driving dad, I'm tired!

I was really happy with my eating this weekend. I allowed myself some fun gummies and treats but didn't go overboard. WAHOO!


12 Mile Run WITHOUT Technology

Yesterday I did manage to run! I got my booty straight to the gym and ran 6 miles on the treadmill. I watched an entire show about people who survived 9/11 attacks and were buried under rubble. It was so incredible. It made me feel really blessed.
I am proud of myself for going!

Both Michael and Anthony are down at the Ranch. So this morning I woke up, took Drago and Dixie for some fun at the field, and got up the motivation to go on a 12 mile run. 
I was totally tricked because I thought it was cool outside. WRONG. I had to change out of this: 
Our house is so cold that I never know. Ohh well. I totally walked back inside and changed. I wore my favorite long-run-while-it's-still-hot-outside-sports top. It's loud and obnoxious!
I drove over to Memorial Park (I know it's only a mile away from home but I do better when I drive and start a the park) and started to stretch. My plan was to run the first 6 miles around the loop trail and then come back to my car for some water and grab the music for the last 6 miles... WELLLL first, Mr. Garmin Watch didn't charge! I started to freak a little, but recovered ;)

THEN, I thought that I would just make do with my iPhone... until I realized I didn't have my arm band and I didn't have much charge left. DANG IT (my exact words, literally I said that outloud)
I decided to accept the challenge and I am glad I did. I just ran the full 12 miles on the 3 mile loop (gross: so boring, I know). It was strangely fine. The first 9 miles were great. I didn't stress once about pace or time. 
Instead I people watched and daydreamed about what I was going to eat when I got home.
The only complaint was the humidity. I was so sweaty that my face was raw from wiping it with my sports top (again, gross). 
I did end up walking a bit of the last two miles, by this time the heat was killing me. 
I am glad I did it though, now I am resting and then packing to go down to the ranch for the night! Wahoooo!
Ending this post with what I am eating right now: 
SmartPop, Golden Raisins, and a few chocolate chips.. yumm.

Sad News

Our foster puppy Drago was ONLY supposed to be a foster pup. We were ONLY supposed to have him for about 4 weeks and then he was going to be ready for adoption.

Well the time came and families were lined up, ready to adopt. Then Michael (Anthony's brother/ our roommate) had announced that he wanted to keep the dog. I was a little resistant at first because I didn't think he was ready and plus I wasn't thrilled about THREE dogs living with us, but after some persuasion I said ok.
Since I was one of the head volunteers for Austin Boxer Rescue, I pulled some strings and convinced my friends/ fellow volunteers to let us keep Drago and make exceptions (since families were already lined up). I swore to them that I thought Michael was the best pick, told them this was a great idea, and went through everything in baby-steps for him to adopt Drago.
That was about 2 weeks ago.... I find out just now that Michael doesn't think he can keep Drago. NOW he is telling me this after he has gone through the ENTIRE adoption process two weeks ago!
I am not thrilled because the responsibility transfers back to me. 
Also Michael keeps yelling at Drago, but the puppy is only acting up because he needs attention. He hasn't been exercised and of course he wants to play. It looks like I'll be taking puppy runs soon. 
I know that I can't control every situation but I feel bad for both the ABR people that I persuaded saying Michael would be perfect and I feel bad for the families that missed out the first time. Drago is a wonderful puppy and deserves a good home. This pup is fully house trained, kennel trained, never chewed up anything but rawhides, loves to snuggle, and really is a bundle of cuteness. 
Isn't he precious?!!


6 Miles and Some Duck Hunting Toys!

I did manage to get a run in last night! Wahooo! The park was way more packed than I had imagined. Night time running must be the popular thing, I was happy to partake in that- PARTY AT THE PARK!!
I kept my pace at a 8:55 - 9:05 min/mile for the first 3 miles and then slowed it down to a 9:20 pace for the rest. Overall I felt good, except I have to remember NO PEANUT BUTTER BEFORE I RUN- for some reason it really messes my stomach up. 

Last night I came home to a huge surprise from Anthony..... Hunting Waders! They will keep me warm when I go hunting on Sunday morning at Halls Bayou. WAHOO. I have been tired of having to borrow them or freeze my booty off. Yay for having the right equipment :)
please note Berkley in the background, he looks jealous!
I was totally rocking the sleepy, tired hair

It was so nice of him to surprise me. I love how he picks the right moment to do something special for me. Anthony and I both love the outdoors and I am so happy that we can share some weekends out at the ranch. This weekend I am leaving Saturday as a boys' hunting day and then crashing the man-fest on Sunday so I can play too!

I might not always want to go hunting (sometimes it's Anthony's boy time), but I totally appreciate him taking me into his love of hunting!



Today at the clinic was great. It was busy and I am really starting to bond with some of the regular patients. Today I was busy developing x-rays, hooking people up on the HI-VOLT muscle stim machines, going through exercises, and constantly moving.
One really great thing to do for our own health is stretching. I constantly see the wonders of stretching in injury recovery and injury prevention. 

One thing I have noticed is that so many people who are able to recover faster use yoga for a added touch to their health. Also never underestimate the power of "THE STICK"... ekk.. no but really, this thing is what all of our pro athletes and other patients are using. All of the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, and college athletes use it. It helps muscles recover, relieves soreness, rebuilds the muscle, and really has been a great tool for me through high school and college athletics. I'm a huge fan!!

One thing I have noticed though is it is SOO HARD to work full time and not snack/eat like a 300lb man during dinner and lunch.

 Dixie seems to have the same problem too, even though she sits at home all day: 
Also it has been hard for me to work out. Last night I told Anthony this and begged him to come with me. Well 8:30pm came around and it was pitch black. We put lights on our bikes and were about to venture out. 

I put my light on my head! 

But I realized how ridiculous this was. I wanted so bad to workout, I need to work out but it was both way too late and by that time we were way too tired. 

After one block we turned back into the house and proceeded to watch tv. 
Why am I having such trouble shifting to working full time?!!

I know Anthony understands how frustrated I am. I feel horrible because it gets me down. He has been really patient about it but I know I need to change this mindset and get in a routine.

Tonight is a 6 mile run- Now I am off to get changed and then get my run on!


Graston and Muscle Stim, Vitals and EMGs...

My days have been flying by. I get to work at 7:50 and stay until 7pm. I am loving it but boy am I tired.
Like mother, like (dog) daughter:
I just learned how to do the Graston Technique on patients. I love getting such positive feedback from them about it. 
What is the Graston technique?? It can breakdown adhesions/ scar tissue and can help to stretch connective tissue by using a stainless steel tool. Pressure is applied in the muscle area using the comb-like tool and messaging. 
I secretly can't wait to get my own tools to use on all my friends.. I need lots of test subjects!
My first victim, I mean patient:
I am loving this job. When I was driving home today I was thinking what a big change it is from college. I can't just skip when I want to, I have to make sure that I am always prepared, and I spend most of my day in that dang building. When I was driving I was thinking, "Am I really in the responsible real world now? Dang I am! Wow I am going the responsible path in life and working a real person job... this is weird"... How did I get here?! I always dreamed I'd be living on a private island with personal assistants, relaxing after college ;)
Well boy was I wrong!!
Anyways last night I managed to get a 4 mile run in. I am trying harder to fit working out in. I realized that I just don't have time in the morning so I will have to make do with night time runs. 
Running headlamp, yep I need one!
Since I got home early yesterday I was even able to make the guys' favorite pasta salad. They love to have it in their lunch: 
-Italian dressing
-Green Pepper
-Veggie Pasta
-Garlic Salt (their coworkers are going to LOVE them)


9 Mile Run... alone.

I had wanted to do 12 miles but the weather was getting hotter and hotter this morning. Since Anthony was gone, I was forced to do the run by myself (something that isn't very fun for me). I don't mind running alone when it's 6 miles or less but 12 miles is a struggle for me to keep enjoying it. 

Anthony always sings this song to me when I get tired: (song is to the beat of Flo Rida's song Low- you know the one that's like "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...)
Anthony: Sexy running skirt, shoes with the dirt, all the runners be looking at her, She hits the ground, she runs around, Shawty just go go go go go go go.

He's pretty talented! I missed having a buddy on the trails. 

I ended up running at Memorial Park. I let the crowded trails be my entertainment. At 9 miles I was dying of thirst and stopped at my car. I started to stretch and finally decided I lacked the motivation to continue. Instead I called it done!
I was happy with my pace. I started around 9:15 pace and then the last few miles slowed down a bit (it was hot!) 
 I hate running in sunny heat. It makes me miserable. Today was one of those days that you run out of dry parts on your tshirt!

I ran in my new favorite running tops, I got it at Marshalls and LOVE IT. It's a Gold's Gym Tank. It has a great material and a light feeling to it. 
I don't know how people run in cotton tshirts when it's hot and humid here, yall crazy!

Now something REALLY crazy is the sock tan/ dirt lines that I have.
Dang I look good with white feet... totally joking. :p 

Groovin in My New Shoes - 3 & Football Date with Myself

My mom scooped me up saturday morning and took me to get both new running shoes and new shoes for work. SCORE! 

I wanted ever pair of shoes at DSW. Can I please win the lottery so that I can make that happen?

I am now OBSESSED with my new running shoes. I took them out for a quick 3 mile run last night and loved how they felt. My pace was awesome last night since I was trying to cram in a run before the football game- HOOK EM HORNS! 

I have been home alone this weekend and strangely it has been an awesome little break. Anthony is down with all of this hunting buddies trying to get some dinner! (Duck season has begun, meaning lots of duck for dinner) I got a ton done this weekend and really let myself relax. Last night after my run I came home and got in the comfy-way-too-big UT shirt and snuggled up with the dogs and snack foods to watch the game. Wes and Peter invited me to go watch the game but sometimes it's nice to be able to change the channel when Gilbert frustrates me, and to eat snack food for dinner and not feel guilty! I secretly love to watch football alone too because I get really into it. Sometimes I feel guilty wanting to be alone. It's weird how it can feel sinful to tell everyone that you are just going to veg alone!

I have to admit thought that I was a little sad that I wasn't in the stadium stands last night but heck, no complaints from this girl, I got the lazy boy all to myself!!

I was also able to play on the computer while watching the game. I noticed a really cute status that said how nicely dressed the BYU fans were, a much different change! 




Haven Date Night

Even though Anthony and I have been dating a while, we still make sure we take the time for formal date nights. Tonight we got dressed up and went over to Haven here in Houston.

Haven is an upscale restaurant that uses all seasonal and local ingredients. Everything there is delicious and they are very accommodating to my food allergies. 
But something was off there tonight. Anthony and I have always had a great experience there, except for tonight. The server never came to our table, we were there much longer than we should have and when you are paying $40 per person for a meal then I expect good service. Of course we were very respectful and nice but it really was horrible service tonight.

Anyways Anthony and I had a wonderful night. We talked and enjoyed some us time!! I am loving how our relationship is going now that I am fully moved in. It feels like we are a unit.

SOOO I have to admit something... the dress I wore to Date Night came from Salvation Army Only $8. Yep, you heard it correctly, EIGHT DOLLARS! Now it's even sweeter when you hear that it's a Haute Hippy dress. See I had to drop some things off at Salvation Army and ended up walking around. I noticed this dress that I love- It has cute little rivets all over it and is a great dark olive green. 

See the cute rivet details!! LOVE IT.

Now Anthony is off to Halls Bayou Ranch for opening of Teal Season. Duck hunting wasn't on my agenda this weekend so I am off to watch trashy girl tv alone (in my super unattractive and super comfy pjs) with some cookies and the dogs. :)

Good Things Are Coming!

Friday Funday, wait no more like Friday recover-from-real-life-working day!! Lots was on the schedule today, including taking a break!

We don't work on Fridays at the clinic since the doctors are at the NFL and MLB practices. YAY for me. Today is my day off!

 I woke up and decided to go a 5 mile run. I ran the first 3 miles at a 8:50 min/mile pace and then the last two miles I jogged and walked. I am sore from working all week!

I did manage to get in some workouts this week- I ran 3 miles on Wednesday (see evidence --->) and did a 45 min trail bike ride with ma boy on Thursday! Phew that was tough.

Good things are happening:

So today something made me smile so hard- One of my sorority sisters sent me a picture of her and our other sister natalie at the football game... well she is wearing the UT dress that I made her! 

Also I booked my flight up to Chicago to see the bestie. Yes, please!

ANNNNND I sent out my emails for my letters of recommendation for med school. 

ANNNND I ate pizza for lunch (my favorite food in the world).

ANNND I totally stayed in bed all day watching tv after my run. 

LASTLY I am getting super cute and going on a date with my man tonight. 

Such a great Friday so far. :)

DANG. Work is hard! :)

Work is hard. Full work days are hard. Growing up is hard! But really, it's good. :)

Whole Foods to the rescue!
I finished my first week of working at the clinic. I was thrown into working right off the bat. I have never been so overwhelmed in my life. Honestly, I came home and couldn't think. Anthony was such a trouper; He took me over to Whole Foods, my favorite, to get me fed. Then took me to my parents to get my pants hemmed, and then he took me home, got me showered, in bed, and rubbed my back until I fell asleep.
It was because I hadn't slept the night before and had woken up sore from the 11 mile run and my allergies going crazy. Tuesday night I was miserable.

I really like love my job. It consists of me doing lots of Physical Therapy with our patients before they get adjusted or after they get x-rays. I love meeting all the people, since we are part of the medical team for the Astros and the Texans, we get athletes, lawyers, teachers, stay at home moms, architects, mobsters and basically everything in between. I love medicine. One of the doctors is younger and very into sports (like me!). He has been great about showing me X-rays and letting me sit in on appointments. 



Boneyard Bar

Much of our weekend was spend at an amazing new bar (new to us) here in Houston called Boneyard Drinkery. It is a bar that is also a dog park- yes you heard correct: an awesome dog park that happens to be a bar!! Michael, Anthony, and I took the two three dogs down there for the afternoon. 
First let me say that I love dog people!! We met a sweet couple, in their thirties, and shared both a picnic table and lots of stories with. Actually we shared the entire Monday afternoon with them. She was an aggie, he was an LSU fan, they had no kids, loved their dogs, made crude jokes, loved to talk with us about beer and hunting, and were a lot of fun. 

I loved how we were able to make friends today. Anthony and I are very social people so we tend to make friends where we go. This couple was a lot of fun and their little boston terrier/ daschund was adorable.  

Anthony and I love dogs. We love our "fur children". It is such a joy to have the love of a dog. They bring a smile to my face every morning. 

Anyways, tomorrow I start the new internship. Today I frantically went over to my parents house to hem some pants for tomorrow. After my sewing machine messing up (mom came to the rescue), the pants being difficult (mom again helped me slow down and get the pants finished), and me completely butchering a recipe for sugar cookies, my mom sent me home to nap. I have been really nervous and a total mess (my specialty). I am praying that God takes care of me and really shows me the way. I am going to do my best and maybe tomorrow will be the start of something amazing- fingers crossed!! :)

11 Mile Run in Fall Weather

Last night Anthony and I had gone out for drinks but we were home by 10pm.. Why you ask. Well I had a running agenda in the morning!
I woke Anthony up at 8 and dragged him out of bed. We quietly got the bikes (crazy bar hopping friends were asleep in our guest room) and we headed to memorial park trails. 

The weather was perfect for a run. I adore fall weather, especially to run in! 
I kept a nice pace of 9:45-10:00 min/ mile the entire 11 miles. I was really happy with that today.

It was great to get out there and complete a long run. It makes me feel so accomplished. Lots of people think it is crazy to do long runs or to enjoy running but I think that the best way to view running is to take the pressure off. I mean, don't be afraid to go a bit slower, don't be afraid to take a small walking break, and don't be afraid to just go (without defining limits). I love my garmin and kept a nice pace but around mile 9 I had to stop my watch and stretch because my knees were hurting. I am so proud of myself that I regrouped and then continued. 
My only complaint was that my knees started to hurt towards the end.
Anthony has been my best running tool to date. This morning was such a great way to start the fall!! 
Icing the knees with my favorite nurse!