Sad News

Our foster puppy Drago was ONLY supposed to be a foster pup. We were ONLY supposed to have him for about 4 weeks and then he was going to be ready for adoption.

Well the time came and families were lined up, ready to adopt. Then Michael (Anthony's brother/ our roommate) had announced that he wanted to keep the dog. I was a little resistant at first because I didn't think he was ready and plus I wasn't thrilled about THREE dogs living with us, but after some persuasion I said ok.
Since I was one of the head volunteers for Austin Boxer Rescue, I pulled some strings and convinced my friends/ fellow volunteers to let us keep Drago and make exceptions (since families were already lined up). I swore to them that I thought Michael was the best pick, told them this was a great idea, and went through everything in baby-steps for him to adopt Drago.
That was about 2 weeks ago.... I find out just now that Michael doesn't think he can keep Drago. NOW he is telling me this after he has gone through the ENTIRE adoption process two weeks ago!
I am not thrilled because the responsibility transfers back to me. 
Also Michael keeps yelling at Drago, but the puppy is only acting up because he needs attention. He hasn't been exercised and of course he wants to play. It looks like I'll be taking puppy runs soon. 
I know that I can't control every situation but I feel bad for both the ABR people that I persuaded saying Michael would be perfect and I feel bad for the families that missed out the first time. Drago is a wonderful puppy and deserves a good home. This pup is fully house trained, kennel trained, never chewed up anything but rawhides, loves to snuggle, and really is a bundle of cuteness. 
Isn't he precious?!!

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