Quiet Friday Night & New Goals

Tonight I am alone. Actually this weekend I am alone- Just the pup dogs and me while Anthony is duck hunting at the ranch. 

I took the single girl route tonight, meaning a night consisting of a dinner purely of snack foods, a big ass tshirt, a cozy fleece blanket, and girl tv.. Oh and dog snuggles: 
Fake sleeping! 
I was hoping Dixie would hear herself snoring!!
I have been thinking a lot tonight about my goals. I am firm believer in writing things down. It helps solidify things.

Weekend Goals: 
- Finish lesson 4 in my online class (boooring)
- Long run (14-15 miles) not worrying about time or pace
- Whole Foods trip to stock the pantry with non-guy food snacks
- Work on Personal Statement for med school application
- Catch up on laundry
- Take a little time to shop and do something fun for me

Long(er) Term Goals:
- Ask both Doctors at the clinic I work at for letters of recommendation
- Get applications in before the end of November
- Focus on intuitive eating / whole foods
- Get good runs in
- Be better at working out while working full time
- Get Drago adopted

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