Saturday Blues and Sunday Morning Struggle.

My new room for the weekend.
This weekend was very difficult for me. Anthony was gone and I can tell you that it was very challenging for me to take care of puppy, do the loads and loads of laundry, find a dress for a million dollar wedding on my budget, and get my long run in. 

None of this stuff really makes for a good weekend unless you have your girl friends or boyfriend around!

The puppy has been a huge stress. Note to self: NEVER get a puppy. Puppies and OCD cause major mental breakdowns!

Yesterday I was really lonely. I finally called my mom and went with  her to look for a dress. I honestly had the hardest time finding one that fit properly... boob job is needed perhaps. Just kidding, kind of. 
Finally found a possible winner.

This morning I set out for a 15 mile run.... fail. I was doing great until mile 8 when I was soo hot and thirsty. It was another 3 miles to the nearest water fountain or to get to my car and my water bottle. I did something I never thought I would do. At mile 9.5 I called my dad to come get me. I was miserable. I was seriously contemplating stealing water from one to these mansions! But then I thought that my outfit wasn't cute enough and my newspaper picture of the girl who stole water from the River Oaks Mansions wouldn't even look good. So my dad came and took me home. 
"we need water!!"

Ughhhhh I wish I just lived here, then I could just walk in and get a drink!

The famous corner where I waited for my dad

I  surprisingly didn't care too much. I wasn't in the mood this weekend. I was so thirsty that I couldn't keep going. I have never had that happen. I was almost laughing at how ridiculous this weekend was in terms of planning one way and things turning out another way. 

So this afternoon I relaxed and watched Biggest Loser on Hulu with popcorn, cereal, and raisins in a bowl.

I know Anthony will be home soon... Until then I'm being lazy!

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