Haven Date Night

Even though Anthony and I have been dating a while, we still make sure we take the time for formal date nights. Tonight we got dressed up and went over to Haven here in Houston.

Haven is an upscale restaurant that uses all seasonal and local ingredients. Everything there is delicious and they are very accommodating to my food allergies. 
But something was off there tonight. Anthony and I have always had a great experience there, except for tonight. The server never came to our table, we were there much longer than we should have and when you are paying $40 per person for a meal then I expect good service. Of course we were very respectful and nice but it really was horrible service tonight.

Anyways Anthony and I had a wonderful night. We talked and enjoyed some us time!! I am loving how our relationship is going now that I am fully moved in. It feels like we are a unit.

SOOO I have to admit something... the dress I wore to Date Night came from Salvation Army Only $8. Yep, you heard it correctly, EIGHT DOLLARS! Now it's even sweeter when you hear that it's a Haute Hippy dress. See I had to drop some things off at Salvation Army and ended up walking around. I noticed this dress that I love- It has cute little rivets all over it and is a great dark olive green. 

See the cute rivet details!! LOVE IT.

Now Anthony is off to Halls Bayou Ranch for opening of Teal Season. Duck hunting wasn't on my agenda this weekend so I am off to watch trashy girl tv alone (in my super unattractive and super comfy pjs) with some cookies and the dogs. :)

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