Night Out of the City

First let me say that my knee is killing me from running 12 miles yesterday. It always does this and I was totally feeling it all Sunday! MUST.ICE.AFTER.RUNS. It helps my bum knee!

Anyways: The time at the ranch was a blast. I drove down to the bay that afternoon to meet Anthony where we watched UT kick some UCLA football booty at the yacht club bar. WAHOO for lil McCoy and the rest of our baby team whooping some butt!! HOOK EM! 
That evening we went over to the ranch for a great time duck hunting. (IN MA NEW WADERS!)
I totally look like a dweeb here but those are the new waders!!!
 The first thing we did was go for a ride on the fourwheeler around the property. Andy (one Anthony's best high school friends) brought his girl friend to join the group. 

It was really interesting. Andy's girlfriend is a very sweet girl who Andy has quickly fallen for. I think she is good for Andy because they share the same interests and have very similar personalities. He is the type of guy that needs to have a girlfriend and I wouldn't be surprised if in the future they will ended up engaged... like after 6 months of dating.

Now I think it's great but I also think that it has hurt Anthony and Andy's relationship. 

She showed up to the ranch in booty cut off jeans, literally her booty cheeks were hanging out from the back. Also she had her stomach showing, full makeup, and flats on- normally, fine but we were out there to fourwheel and duck hunt. The entire time, Andy and her were all over each other, touching, and it was very uncomfortable. What really was weird was that night they went off on their own (fine) but never came back to hangout with the gang and then when Anthony and I entered the room with the bunk beds, Andy and her were fooling around (that's not really acceptable at the ranch, wait no not any place when you are supposed to be there to hangout with friends). 

It makes me sad that Andy has been really neglecting Anthony and his friendship. Anthony constantly invites them everywhere but Andy is always busy with his new girlfriend. When finally get them to come to the ranch, they don't care to socialize. I know it hurts Anthony's feelings because he misses his friend. 

Anthony, Me, Michael, Andy, the GF, and Brent... and the 16 Teal!!
Right after we limited out. Brent took a picture so we could brag about how early we were done!
On a separate note, the hunting was fun. My boy shot the best out of anyone (no big surprise from that supa star) I loved seeing all the guys and getting to be out of the city for a bit!

Berk was exhausted on the drive home! 
Keep driving dad, I'm tired!

I was really happy with my eating this weekend. I allowed myself some fun gummies and treats but didn't go overboard. WAHOO!


  1. Have you tried running with a knee band? I started wearing this one a while back and it really helped. http://www.amazon.com/Mueller-Jumpers-Knee-Strap-Gold/dp/B000F5UUAA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316429719&sr=8-1

    Congrats on a good hunting weekend- cute shot of everybody together.

  2. I just ordered one! I have been putting it off forever but I really do need to just get one. You just convinced me! :) :)
    I'm glad it helped you. Fingers crossed that it helps my complaining knee!!