Graston and Muscle Stim, Vitals and EMGs...

My days have been flying by. I get to work at 7:50 and stay until 7pm. I am loving it but boy am I tired.
Like mother, like (dog) daughter:
I just learned how to do the Graston Technique on patients. I love getting such positive feedback from them about it. 
What is the Graston technique?? It can breakdown adhesions/ scar tissue and can help to stretch connective tissue by using a stainless steel tool. Pressure is applied in the muscle area using the comb-like tool and messaging. 
I secretly can't wait to get my own tools to use on all my friends.. I need lots of test subjects!
My first victim, I mean patient:
I am loving this job. When I was driving home today I was thinking what a big change it is from college. I can't just skip when I want to, I have to make sure that I am always prepared, and I spend most of my day in that dang building. When I was driving I was thinking, "Am I really in the responsible real world now? Dang I am! Wow I am going the responsible path in life and working a real person job... this is weird"... How did I get here?! I always dreamed I'd be living on a private island with personal assistants, relaxing after college ;)
Well boy was I wrong!!
Anyways last night I managed to get a 4 mile run in. I am trying harder to fit working out in. I realized that I just don't have time in the morning so I will have to make do with night time runs. 
Running headlamp, yep I need one!
Since I got home early yesterday I was even able to make the guys' favorite pasta salad. They love to have it in their lunch: 
-Italian dressing
-Green Pepper
-Veggie Pasta
-Garlic Salt (their coworkers are going to LOVE them)

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