New nails, new shirt, new afternoon.

After my shirt was ripped I was scooped up by my mom for some nail therapy. I feel a lot better when my nails are polished. It makes me feel more put together. This is why my mom constantly treats me to pretty french manicures on the regular. I brought my new read: Born to Run and relaxed. 

 Afterwards I was surprised by Anthony. He had gotten me a new running top and running skirt (two of my favorite things!). Maybe he felt guilty about spending the weekend at the ranch duck hunting. Maybe he felt like I needed a cute outfit for my long run this weekend. Maybe he bought it for himself and then realized it was too small for him... hehe ok that one is a little ridiculous, just kidding!

The top is from Academy's brand BCG. It is so cute, loud, obnoxious, and I can't wait to get it all sweaty! The material is so light! I don't think that I will go unnoticed running in this!! I am impressed with this being an Academy brand top, I like cheap!

It was really sweet of him. I think he got it because we has some weird moments this week. (Today when I brought him his wallet at lunch we had a moment where he made a kind of inappropriate comment)

But I think that is normal for us to have some "off" moments since 1. we have been both working so hard  and come home tired and also 2. we have been dating for a long time and really haven't had many "off" moments, maybe we are due for some. 

We have only had one major fight in our entire long dating history. But this week we have had a few moments where we felt "off". I think he is amazing and I would love to spend the rest of my life with him but we shouldn't have moments like the facebook profile ordeal, or get awkward when people bring up marriage around us, and lastly I don't think that Anthony being unhappy at work should be as much as a strain on us.

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