True Life: I'm Clinically Blonde.

Oh yesterday was just another day for the book, the Big Book of Blonde Moments I mean. Yesterday at the clinic I had some moments that only I could have. Anthony loves to laugh at these moments, because in general I am not always there nor am I able to smoothly go through life. 

Case one:
I had just finished performing an ultra sound on a patients ankle and explaining to her about Ultrasound treatment. Basically breaking down for her how the ultra sound is a passive modality which sends sound waves into the soft tissue. This causes vibrating and thus heat generation. The heat will induce vasodilation, or better said it will bring blood into the tissue and promote healing, relieve pain, and inflammation. 

So I take a short break from the commotion and slip into the Xray dark room (where the xrays are developed). I finish developing and try to exit the room... umm I keep turning on the knob and pushing the door... nothing... crap, I am locked in! 

I start to freak out. I do something embarrassing and knock, hoping I will be saved. After a minute or so the door opens, opps... turns out the door opens inward, not outward, I had been pushing on an unlocked door the entire time... yep. Moving on.

Case two:
The day is coming to a close. I am getting excited to get home. I had been in the middle of putting a very eccentric older man on Hi-Volt and stepped out while he was hooked on the machine. I went over to the laundry in hopes to do all of it then, multitasking so that I could get out earlier. 

I grab the Costco style liquid laundry detergent case. I couldn't manage it up on the top self so I attempt to pull it down. FAIL. I managed to get my entire white polo covered with detergent. 

Anyways I am off to work... PLEASE let me be a fully functional person today!
Starting the day with a yummy breakfast of Oatmeal and raisins. 

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