12 Mile Run WITHOUT Technology

Yesterday I did manage to run! I got my booty straight to the gym and ran 6 miles on the treadmill. I watched an entire show about people who survived 9/11 attacks and were buried under rubble. It was so incredible. It made me feel really blessed.
I am proud of myself for going!

Both Michael and Anthony are down at the Ranch. So this morning I woke up, took Drago and Dixie for some fun at the field, and got up the motivation to go on a 12 mile run. 
I was totally tricked because I thought it was cool outside. WRONG. I had to change out of this: 
Our house is so cold that I never know. Ohh well. I totally walked back inside and changed. I wore my favorite long-run-while-it's-still-hot-outside-sports top. It's loud and obnoxious!
I drove over to Memorial Park (I know it's only a mile away from home but I do better when I drive and start a the park) and started to stretch. My plan was to run the first 6 miles around the loop trail and then come back to my car for some water and grab the music for the last 6 miles... WELLLL first, Mr. Garmin Watch didn't charge! I started to freak a little, but recovered ;)

THEN, I thought that I would just make do with my iPhone... until I realized I didn't have my arm band and I didn't have much charge left. DANG IT (my exact words, literally I said that outloud)
I decided to accept the challenge and I am glad I did. I just ran the full 12 miles on the 3 mile loop (gross: so boring, I know). It was strangely fine. The first 9 miles were great. I didn't stress once about pace or time. 
Instead I people watched and daydreamed about what I was going to eat when I got home.
The only complaint was the humidity. I was so sweaty that my face was raw from wiping it with my sports top (again, gross). 
I did end up walking a bit of the last two miles, by this time the heat was killing me. 
I am glad I did it though, now I am resting and then packing to go down to the ranch for the night! Wahoooo!
Ending this post with what I am eating right now: 
SmartPop, Golden Raisins, and a few chocolate chips.. yumm.

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