6 Miles and Some Duck Hunting Toys!

I did manage to get a run in last night! Wahooo! The park was way more packed than I had imagined. Night time running must be the popular thing, I was happy to partake in that- PARTY AT THE PARK!!
I kept my pace at a 8:55 - 9:05 min/mile for the first 3 miles and then slowed it down to a 9:20 pace for the rest. Overall I felt good, except I have to remember NO PEANUT BUTTER BEFORE I RUN- for some reason it really messes my stomach up. 

Last night I came home to a huge surprise from Anthony..... Hunting Waders! They will keep me warm when I go hunting on Sunday morning at Halls Bayou. WAHOO. I have been tired of having to borrow them or freeze my booty off. Yay for having the right equipment :)
please note Berkley in the background, he looks jealous!
I was totally rocking the sleepy, tired hair

It was so nice of him to surprise me. I love how he picks the right moment to do something special for me. Anthony and I both love the outdoors and I am so happy that we can share some weekends out at the ranch. This weekend I am leaving Saturday as a boys' hunting day and then crashing the man-fest on Sunday so I can play too!

I might not always want to go hunting (sometimes it's Anthony's boy time), but I totally appreciate him taking me into his love of hunting!

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