Hump day, hurray!

This week has flown by. I have had lots of fun patients, lots of hours on my feet, and..... I've run both Monday and Tuesday! Heck yes.
Monday I went straight from work to do a 5 mile treadmill run at the YMCA. I took the time to watch tv and decompress. It put me in such an accomplished mood and I was home by 8pm to snuggle with my man. 
My crazy Nike shorts, yep & a knee brace
Tuesday I was also able to run. Again, I went straight from work. (I totally have been changing in my car, yep I've been in my skivvies in the car!) I went to Memorial Park and ran the 3 mile loop at a 8:20 pace. I also saved 2 people from losing their keys. One girl dropped her BMW key so I sprinted it to her and boy was she grateful!
So I now know that going straight from work to workout has been successful. It helps me keep to a schedule. If I go home then I tend to start to freak out about it getting dark, I might eat too much before I run, or I might say "screw it" and then go lay on the couch with chocolate. (I know, that sounds soo good doesn't it!) I hate that working out takes out time from Anthony and I but I also know that if I don't go workout then I am not in a good mood. I just need to find at least 30 mins for me to get a run in.
Memorial park is usually packed at 7pm!
The last few days have flown by and I feel like I am getting a little bit of a better hang on my life. I have been doing great with getting homework done at lunch time, keeping up with making the guy's lunches, and have even kept up with my work laundry. No more crazy person breakdowns..ok maybe that's like saying no more breathing, but I will certainly try to keep the sanity!

Anthony and I have been enjoying our evenings together. It's our only time since this weekend he will be back to the ranch for some more hunting. We are getting super annoyed about taking care of Michael's puppy Drago, well Michael's ex-adoptive puppy. I am not cut out to take care of THREE dogs!
"How could you not want 3 of me?!"

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