Gettin Ma Nails Did!

One of the joys of living near my mom is spa days and shopping- true girl time! My mom is a pampered woman, in a good way. She gets her nails done, gets massages, pays a pretty penny on a new Kate Spade purses, and enjoys the girlie parts of life.

Yesterday I got to join along and boy did I love it! My mom goes so often that they know her name, her life story, and were delighted to meet "Mrs. Ruth's" daughter. Score, got ma nails done and ma toes done! 

I LOVE SHELLAC. Next time you need great nails- get shellac! I got a french manicure on my hand and I am not a true believer. I usually would have chipped every one of them by now, but they look beautiful. My mom's last for 3 weeks: no fakeness, no chipping, nothing but beautiful strong nails. 

I was seriously loving showing off my nails all day! I feel like I wanted to flash them to everyone ;)

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