It's game day. The FIRST game day while I am away from Austin. BUT that doesn't mean that I haven't been really obnoxious in burnt orange! 
I even sang the fight song over and over again to anthony this morning in the car.
Go Orange, Go White, Go Longhorns, Fight, Fight, Fight! Texas Fight, Texas Fight, Yeah Texas Fight!!!!

Today Anthony went down to the boat while I accompanied my mom on her search for new furniture for her house. It was a long experience. My mom is very picky when it comes to furniture. Me, I could walk into a furniture store and right away have an entire room decorated. But my mom is so detail oriented that sometimes she isn't able to mix things as well. I love to mix things, mix fabrics, mix textures, and play with both old and new things. My mom likes things to be matchy. Therefore I was going crazy trying to help her pick a couch today. As you can see, I sat down for a while and played on the phone:
I did find somethings that I liked though. Except the pillows were $200 and the Armoire was $10,000. Soooo needless to say I passed both items up for Anthony and my house!

Tonight Anthony and I are off to watch the game with family and friends... HOOK EM HORNS!

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