Good Things Are Coming!

Friday Funday, wait no more like Friday recover-from-real-life-working day!! Lots was on the schedule today, including taking a break!

We don't work on Fridays at the clinic since the doctors are at the NFL and MLB practices. YAY for me. Today is my day off!

 I woke up and decided to go a 5 mile run. I ran the first 3 miles at a 8:50 min/mile pace and then the last two miles I jogged and walked. I am sore from working all week!

I did manage to get in some workouts this week- I ran 3 miles on Wednesday (see evidence --->) and did a 45 min trail bike ride with ma boy on Thursday! Phew that was tough.

Good things are happening:

So today something made me smile so hard- One of my sorority sisters sent me a picture of her and our other sister natalie at the football game... well she is wearing the UT dress that I made her! 

Also I booked my flight up to Chicago to see the bestie. Yes, please!

ANNNNND I sent out my emails for my letters of recommendation for med school. 

ANNNND I ate pizza for lunch (my favorite food in the world).

ANNND I totally stayed in bed all day watching tv after my run. 

LASTLY I am getting super cute and going on a date with my man tonight. 

Such a great Friday so far. :)