My FAVORITES: What Keeps Me Happy, Sane, and Healthy!

Running Skirts: Y'all these are the bomb. I love love love to dress up and look cute and I love to run, so why not try to do both!

OPI Nail Polish: I am obsessed. I love having my nails polished. You won't see me with them nude! I am terrible at doing my nails, but OPI goes on so easily and dries beautifully!

Trop50: This stuff is awesome. It is fantastic for smooties. It adds the flavor without the added calories!

Nike Tempos: Southern Girls' uniform. I can never have enough of these!

 NuGo Bars: They have amazing flavors. This one happens to be DAIRY FREE! Score for me!

 The Blind Side: My all time favorite movie. I could watch it everyday and be happy!

Kitchen Aid Mixer: I love to bake. This mixer is fantastic. No wonder it has a huge fan following!

Nook Color: My nook has been an essential for me. I love to have all of my magazines and books available at all times.

Michael Kors Watch: This watch has been a permanent fixture on my wrist. I always get compliments on it. Definitely one of my favorite gifts.

Sunless Tanner: I like to be tan and this stuff has been great at keeping my skin look sunkissed at all times!

Roy Williams Jersey: Enough said ladies!