"Let all that you do be done in love."
-1 Corinthians 14:1 

Some call me Ell, some call me Liz, and I call myself FABULOUS...too much? Fine :) I am just now graduating from UT (this is big, I am a big crying mess about it) and I am off for the next big step- a big girl job and a move to Houston, Texas. 

I am not perfect but I believe in being positive- through a good attitude and a healthy lifestyle.  I am a happy person thanks to an amazing life. I can't imagine a life without my teammates, my sorority sisters, UT football games, nike tempos, my fellow Austin Boxer Rescue volunteers, Whole Foods, Lonestar Jam, Wendy's, OPI nail polish, Nike tennis skirts, baking, and trashy reality shows!

I have gone through a lot of struggles; with anorexia, friends, family, and confidence but I have clung to what I love and have been learning to love life again!

Things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE:
1. I love being a Texas Longhorn! Hook 'Em Horn
M & me at Senior Ring Ceremony
2. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Anthony, two beautiful best friends named M and A, and an amazing twin sister named B.
A & Me
THE bf :)
3. I am in love with dogs, especially Boxers. I love my boxer, Dixie Dog. AND I love my old horses!
Dixie Dog & Me at the Lake
4. I love love love sweet potatoes, ketchup, and green smoothies.

5. I am an outdoors junkie. I love to be on the boat, the 4 wheelers, at the lake, at the bay, on the trails, at the park, or anywhere out in nature!

My favorite thing is riding the 4 wheeler around and searching for cow skulls with my bf!
I love to find cow skulls!

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to run! Marathon #2 coming up!
M & Me before San Antonio Marathon
7. I love country music, horrible reality shows, and magazines.

8. I love to sew and have a strong background of Textiles/ fashion design from University of Texas.
I love making my own gameday skirts and dresses!
9. I was born and raised in the south; Born in Louisiana, raised in Alabama, now finishing my education at THE University of Texas. :p
My favorite place is Abel's on the Lake

10. I LOVE SPORTS! I was a two sport NCAA Athlete. Hockey, football, baseball, basketball... they are my addiction. 
The Cowboys are my team!