Treadmill date- 3 miles

Today called for a 3 mile run. I did a relaxing pace to help my knees stay pain free after yesterday's 7 mile run. I ran on one of the newer treadmills available today that is equip with iPod syncing, TV, pre-programmed workouts and coaching, and many other exciting features. They are comfortable to run on. Quickly I reached my 3 mile goal and was surprised at how pleasant it was, that of course was with the help of a little Project Runway rerun playing on the treadmill screen. 

Let me be honest, I have never been a fan of the treadmill. I generally refer to it as the "DREADmill", however I have been able to work past my fears of the treadmill and use it as a tool for when I need to be inside. 

Conquer the DREADmill:

Play mind games with yourself using intervals.
Use time and speed intervals. Maybe speed/slow down up every .25 of a mile, maybe add/decrease the incline for 20 second intervals, or maybe engage in a "self race" at top speed for the last .10 of each mile. 

Reward yourself.
Use rewards to get yourself excited about treadmill runs. Maybe buy new songs on iTunes or maybe schedule your run at the time of your favorite show.
I am starting to see that the treadmill will be a helpful tool!
I have a new treadmill crush, The Pro-Form Treadmill Trail Runner 4.0
Some of the perks of this treadmill include Wifi Capable 10" full-color touch screen to access internet, iFit Live that includes workouts generated by Google Maps, Jillian Michaels training programs, and customizable fitness programs. I am not in the market to pay the hefty price but I can't say I wouldn't love to have one of these around.

Anyways I am having a great time so far training for this year’s marathon. I have really made sure that this time around that I enjoy it since I no longer have my best friend here with me. We will be training with each other but from across the country this time and I need to make sure we keep on track!
However, between the “tourist” runs, tempo runs, treadmill runs, and all the random ways I can get my miles in, I want to make sure I am trying hard to enjoy it all- running is a hobby for me, after all, and it should be fun!

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