Today at the clinic was great. It was busy and I am really starting to bond with some of the regular patients. Today I was busy developing x-rays, hooking people up on the HI-VOLT muscle stim machines, going through exercises, and constantly moving.
One really great thing to do for our own health is stretching. I constantly see the wonders of stretching in injury recovery and injury prevention. 

One thing I have noticed is that so many people who are able to recover faster use yoga for a added touch to their health. Also never underestimate the power of "THE STICK"... ekk.. no but really, this thing is what all of our pro athletes and other patients are using. All of the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, and college athletes use it. It helps muscles recover, relieves soreness, rebuilds the muscle, and really has been a great tool for me through high school and college athletics. I'm a huge fan!!

One thing I have noticed though is it is SOO HARD to work full time and not snack/eat like a 300lb man during dinner and lunch.

 Dixie seems to have the same problem too, even though she sits at home all day: 
Also it has been hard for me to work out. Last night I told Anthony this and begged him to come with me. Well 8:30pm came around and it was pitch black. We put lights on our bikes and were about to venture out. 

I put my light on my head! 

But I realized how ridiculous this was. I wanted so bad to workout, I need to work out but it was both way too late and by that time we were way too tired. 

After one block we turned back into the house and proceeded to watch tv. 
Why am I having such trouble shifting to working full time?!!

I know Anthony understands how frustrated I am. I feel horrible because it gets me down. He has been really patient about it but I know I need to change this mindset and get in a routine.

Tonight is a 6 mile run- Now I am off to get changed and then get my run on!

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