Groovin in My New Shoes - 3 & Football Date with Myself

My mom scooped me up saturday morning and took me to get both new running shoes and new shoes for work. SCORE! 

I wanted ever pair of shoes at DSW. Can I please win the lottery so that I can make that happen?

I am now OBSESSED with my new running shoes. I took them out for a quick 3 mile run last night and loved how they felt. My pace was awesome last night since I was trying to cram in a run before the football game- HOOK EM HORNS! 

I have been home alone this weekend and strangely it has been an awesome little break. Anthony is down with all of this hunting buddies trying to get some dinner! (Duck season has begun, meaning lots of duck for dinner) I got a ton done this weekend and really let myself relax. Last night after my run I came home and got in the comfy-way-too-big UT shirt and snuggled up with the dogs and snack foods to watch the game. Wes and Peter invited me to go watch the game but sometimes it's nice to be able to change the channel when Gilbert frustrates me, and to eat snack food for dinner and not feel guilty! I secretly love to watch football alone too because I get really into it. Sometimes I feel guilty wanting to be alone. It's weird how it can feel sinful to tell everyone that you are just going to veg alone!

I have to admit thought that I was a little sad that I wasn't in the stadium stands last night but heck, no complaints from this girl, I got the lazy boy all to myself!!

I was also able to play on the computer while watching the game. I noticed a really cute status that said how nicely dressed the BYU fans were, a much different change! 



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