11 Mile Run in Fall Weather

Last night Anthony and I had gone out for drinks but we were home by 10pm.. Why you ask. Well I had a running agenda in the morning!
I woke Anthony up at 8 and dragged him out of bed. We quietly got the bikes (crazy bar hopping friends were asleep in our guest room) and we headed to memorial park trails. 

The weather was perfect for a run. I adore fall weather, especially to run in! 
I kept a nice pace of 9:45-10:00 min/ mile the entire 11 miles. I was really happy with that today.

It was great to get out there and complete a long run. It makes me feel so accomplished. Lots of people think it is crazy to do long runs or to enjoy running but I think that the best way to view running is to take the pressure off. I mean, don't be afraid to go a bit slower, don't be afraid to take a small walking break, and don't be afraid to just go (without defining limits). I love my garmin and kept a nice pace but around mile 9 I had to stop my watch and stretch because my knees were hurting. I am so proud of myself that I regrouped and then continued. 
My only complaint was that my knees started to hurt towards the end.
Anthony has been my best running tool to date. This morning was such a great way to start the fall!! 
Icing the knees with my favorite nurse!

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