Daily Devotional Book- Devotion

Today's Daily Devotional from my book was about Devotion. Devotion implies faithfulness and loyalty. Daily I feel devoted to my relationship with Anthony, the pups, working out, my sports teams, eating better, and devotion to trying to figure out post-graduation life. Devotion can consume me, yet I am starting to realize that being devoted to things brings some of the greatest rewards in life. It's like the saying that we have heard so many times in our lives: "Those at the top of the mountain didn't fall there". 
I have noticed that being devoted to things has brought my life to such a wonderful place right now and that I have lots to be grateful for. 
Things I am grateful for:
1. My relationship with Anthony. I did a class in college about relationships and had learned so many tools. I have noticed that we work so well together, we understand and listen, and we are constantly there for eachother. I can't even believe how long we've been together and I feel so blessed to love/live with my best friend and love of my life. 
2. Post-Graduation Life. I am so happy that I have an internship, that I might have a new path in life, and that I am able to live in this new city. I was so worried that I wasn't going to amount to the success that I had in high school and college, but now I am realizing that I have to be easier on myself and take chances. I am very excited about learning more about medicine and using Houston as my home base.
3. Health. I have been feeling really great about my health. A lot has to do with my eating. I have been trying hard to eat mostly whole, non processed foods. Also in part of being healthy is running. I dreaded running in Houston. Houston might not have as amazing trails as Austin, BUT Houston is rapidly expanding their trails and running culture. I am happy to watch this place grow to a healthier city!
4. My girl friends and phone calls. Man I miss my sistas! I am still so lucky to have them one phone call away.
5. Down Time. This sounds silly but I feel so lucky to have such great down time. Whether it is on the couch, on the boat, or around town, I have felt so lucky to have the stress of school off of me for a bit. No tests. No papers. No projects. It has been a nice break!

I am also grateful for the yummy pasta salad that I made for lunch! 

- Pasta
-Turkey Pepperoni
-Italian Dressing
It was delicious!


  1. I am a new runner and you are my inspiration!!

  2. Get it girl! You can do it! :)