9 Mile Run... alone.

I had wanted to do 12 miles but the weather was getting hotter and hotter this morning. Since Anthony was gone, I was forced to do the run by myself (something that isn't very fun for me). I don't mind running alone when it's 6 miles or less but 12 miles is a struggle for me to keep enjoying it. 

Anthony always sings this song to me when I get tired: (song is to the beat of Flo Rida's song Low- you know the one that's like "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...)
Anthony: Sexy running skirt, shoes with the dirt, all the runners be looking at her, She hits the ground, she runs around, Shawty just go go go go go go go.

He's pretty talented! I missed having a buddy on the trails. 

I ended up running at Memorial Park. I let the crowded trails be my entertainment. At 9 miles I was dying of thirst and stopped at my car. I started to stretch and finally decided I lacked the motivation to continue. Instead I called it done!
I was happy with my pace. I started around 9:15 pace and then the last few miles slowed down a bit (it was hot!) 
 I hate running in sunny heat. It makes me miserable. Today was one of those days that you run out of dry parts on your tshirt!

I ran in my new favorite running tops, I got it at Marshalls and LOVE IT. It's a Gold's Gym Tank. It has a great material and a light feeling to it. 
I don't know how people run in cotton tshirts when it's hot and humid here, yall crazy!

Now something REALLY crazy is the sock tan/ dirt lines that I have.
Dang I look good with white feet... totally joking. :p 

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  1. Good job! How cute is it that he sings to you!??!