Garmin and Fruit for the Win.

This morning I woke up for a nice 3 mile run. The weather was perfect here in Houston this morning (it was actually cool!) so I headed over to Memorial Park. I used my Garmin and got a great run in on the 3 mile trail (every time I run it the Garmin is off .10 of a mile or so because of the trees). I love my Garmin Forerunner 205, I wish I could provide everyone with one because it's great. I had a relaxing run but it's nice to see where I was faster and to know how much I have run and how much is left on long runs. I bought it from a neighbor and have been obsessed with it ever since!

I do get annoyed sometimes because it doesn't get service under all the overpasses that I run under nor does it get service when I am deep in the trees but overall it's my favorite running buddy (wait no second to Anthony). 

I came home in a great mood- morning running does that to me! After showering and putting on some comfy clothes I snacked on my favorite, fresh cut-up fruit! I forget how great I feel when I have a lot of fruit already cut up and ready for snacking. 

I was reading this article about a USA Marathon Runner who only eats a diet of fruit. I might not be that extreme but when I lived in Austin I certainly kept most of my diet consisting of fresh fruit. I can tell you that when I was eating that way I was never sick, full of energy, and happy. So why is the processed food that the boys and I have here at our house so tempting to me? 


  1. I"m totally addicted to my Garmin & feel naked running without it. I love keeping track of all my miles & goals for the year, plus knowing how much time I have left & how fast I am going.

  2. I'm getting a Garmin sometime soon, I just have no idea which one to get. Maybe I'll look into the one you have. I ran at Memorial this morning for the first time. It's so cool to see all the people out there running it made me want to keep going forever!

  3. Garmins are the best y'all. I am so addicted. Look on craigslist too- lots of people think they want to be serious runners, buy a garmin, start running, realize they hate it, and then sell them! Keep those eyes out!

  4. Oh and Memorial park is awesome!!! So great to people watch while running. I have stopped bringing music and just people watch for my entire runs ;)