Impromptu Lunch Date & a Torn Shirt

First, I did a 5 mile run this morning at the gym. Wahoo!

Anthony left his wallet at the house this morning and went right on to work without it. This meant I had to go deliver it to him all the way across town. I honestly was totally fine just dropping it off but Anthony had a better idea.. a lunch date! Wahoo. AND better yet: A lunch date at Panera!

I love Panera. I am so obsessed with their soup and bread bowls. You better believe that is what I got: 

Yum, yum, yum!!

Also today I ripped my shirt. Well technically my Mom's little white multi-poo named Stella ripped it after I picked her up from the groomers. 

Whomp, whomp...

I'm gonna be really honest and admit that I actually cried- I loved this shirt. Oh well. 

I know it is silly to cry over something like that but I get super sensitive when I am tired. I had spent the entire day listening to one of my friends and helping her because she is going through a hard time, then I was running errands for both Anthony and my mom, doing laundry for Anthony and Michael, taking care of dogs, and cleaning the house. I was pretty much on the brink by the time I picked up Stella. No harsh feelings though, maybe she was just telling me that I need some new shirts ;)

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