Football & a Mohawk

Thank you God that Texas beat Rice! I can't even imagine if we had lost. The longhorns won 34-9. In fact all of my family's teams won: Arkansas whopped some major Missouri State booty at 51-7 and Alabama did the same with a 48-7 win over Kent State. 
The game we really were excited to watch was the Oregon vs LSU game. We ordered Buffalo Wild Wings. I made a baked sweet potato instead since I am not a big wing fan, but definitely took advantage of the extra sauce! We all dressed in our school colors.... oh and Anthony decided to buzz a mohawk. 

Overall we had a blast! My brother and his girlfriend finished off the group. Family, food, football... and a mohawk, what more can you want!
I wore one of my college gameday skirts that I made a while ago:

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