Quick day but slow run! 5 miles

Today went by with a blink of an eye. I started the day with my two classes, rushed to my old apartment to clean and grab my last stuff, ran back to Marie's House which is the house I am staying at (across the city) to let the dogs out, then rushed back to the apartment to meet my old roommate, then back to Marie's, then target, then finished off the day with a run at the lake. Doesn't it seem like some days are such a blur?!
I ran the 5 mile loop. It didn't feel as great as yesterday's run. My legs were feeling slow and stiff. I just let it happen, I stopped mid run for a water break and to watch the dogs at the dog park... oh and of course snap some pictures! I finished as the sun was setting: 
On another note I have been thinking a lot about my living situation in Houston. I am so conflicted about how everything is going to work out. I am worried about the living situation of living at my parents but also balancing my relationship with the BF. How do people do all of this? Why does it seem so unnatural to me for me to be moving to Houston? haha

  "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us" Hebrews 12:1

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