7 miles of distraction

Do you ever feel like everything is so distracting? I decided to run the 7 mile loop at the lake, but my mind was jumping all over the place. I took a break to talk to my best friend in Chicago, I stopped to take pictures of the newest Austin Cow I saw,
I stopped to watch the dogs at the dog park, I stopped for water, basically I kept focus on everything OTHER THAN my run. It was entertaining! 

On a separate note I have been researching books about sports psychology. In my first year of college I read a book that changed my thinking called, Hockey Tough. I was playing my first year as a starter on the team, a lead in the NCAA conference, until I crashed. I has lost all mental confidence and my game was greatly affected. I turned my sports psych around by reading Hockey Tough. I am a strong supporter in positive thinking and the process of generating a strong mind. 

Now I am looking for some books to improve my running mentality. I am so very relaxed about running that I might benefit from a book telling me how I can motivate myself to push a little harder! I will let yall know what I find!

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