Good Run and a Great Cry..

I had an awesome 5 mile run. I kept a great pace, I felt fast, and I really enjoyed the entire run. I ended up not running until 7:30pm after getting delayed by a phone call from the CT Bestie Erin. It turned out to be a blessing because the 110 degrees and the blaring sun seemed to fade somewhat by the time Erin and I were done talking. 

After my run I really noticed everything that I loved about this place:
-the sun was setting on the lake
-the reflection of the sunset on the city buildings
-the line up of people on the bridges waiting to watch the rush of bats
-the energy of the crowds and music filling the streets for Austin's "First Thursday" block party in SoCo
-the familiar feel of the sweat on my skin after my run, driving with the windows down, enjoying the whole scenery of this vibrant city
I cried the entire drive back to Marie's house (where I will be staying until I am done with my classes). Is it weird that I am so sad about leaving college? I mean is this normal?!!
At least I got to come to Marie's house and be greeted by these two cuties:
Oscar and Mojo

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