This week has been a blur. I have been knee deep in finishing my finals, preparing to move, and trying not to break down crying every few seconds! I did manage to get great workouts in though:
Tuesday I did a spinning workout at the gym. I never cycle but it was awesome to work different muscles and beat the heat outside. I pumped up the music and got in the zone.
Wednesday I did a 7 mile run before classes. Wow was it great. Afterwords I treated myself to Whole Foods granola and a magazine. (ps I totally showered at the school gym and the shower heads there are AMAZING rain one! Yeah classy!!) 
Thursday  I did a light workout at the gym on the bike. Nothing special, but a workout is a workout!
This brings me to today, thursday, MY LAST DAY EVER in Austin tomorrow. I am trying to understand how real this is!
Today was all about studying y'all. Please note how I followed true senior-study-style:
oh, you know, just studying at the school pool, nbd.

Yep, I relaxed and enjoyed all the great places on my campus! Perfect! 
Now I while I was studying I got a text from Marie informing me that she was waiting for me to watch the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. YES PLEASE! 
I made it back in time for dog snuggles and TV time. 
Tomorrow is the last day here in Austin and last day at UT.

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