3 mile run + biking fail!

Today I did a 3 mile treadmill run before heading out with Anthony for a bike ride on the trails. This is where the major fail happens. I was all ready, suited up, helmet on, and ready for some fun bike riding (Anthony's favorite). The trails started out fairly easy and we were both having a blast. Every so often we would come to a difficult part of the trail but I was doing fine scaling them. 
some of the battle wounds!
BUT THEN... we came to a huge rocky drop and I didn't grip the ground. My bike and I both crashed, scratching up my body. 
I broke into tears. More of frustration and pain than anything. I looked down and my leg was raw. Anthony was so good, he rushed to me and kept me calm. He told me that he could walk our bikes back to the truck and offered a piggy back ride for me. I collected myself and then said that I needed to ride back on the trails because if not then I would be more frustrated. 
We made it to the truck and I was so frustrated that I couldn't do it. I pride myself on being athletic and was really down. Anthony, being awesome, drove straight to Sonic so he could cheer me up with a Cherry Limeade. Isn't it so hard to fail? It makes me crazy!

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