Vicks, Cookies, and a 6 Mile Run

This morning I was feeling more alive. I used this miracle drug called VICKS VAPOR RUB! (Am I the only person who had never known it's magical powers?!) After the football game last night, Anthony got me some medicine in  hopes that I could get some sleep tonight. Vicks was his drug of choice- Dang that stuff is magic! I am hooked. 

This morning I made peanut butter cookies with my newest addiction: Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds. See I am not a big nut fan, however I can easily devour one of these bags. Yummmm. 
I felt like the boys needed some sweets. I had been slacking since we have had ice cream in the freezer, so I whipped up some cookies while at my parents' house. 

I was planning on running a long distance today but since it's hotter than Jordan Shipley in his football spandex, I decided to go to the YMCA and get on the treadmill. I did a 6 mile run (6 mph). It was comfortable and allowed me to be in a controlled environment. I have hated the treadmill but today it was nice. I watched total trash tv and kept 'truckin' along. I am so ready for fall weather to run in! ohh and of course because I am a FALL HOLIDAY JUNKIE! (just ask Anthony about our overly decorated place last year)


  1. I LOVE those cocoa/dark chocolate almonds! Those cookies look fantastic! And let me just say... I am in EXTREME envy of your stand mixer.

    Following from the Houston blogger group! Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! -Meg