Productive is my middle name today: 40 min run + 1 hr bike

Today was a day of PRODUCTIVITY! I got so many errands done. Baby gift, buying dog food, cleaning, and a million other random errands. Isn't that the best feeling ever to get them all done!?! Oh and I did 6 loads of laundry today too. Yep, SIX LOADS OF LAUNDRY. That is what happens when you live with two men. I can honestly say that I started laundry at 9am and didn't finish until late last night. Yikes.
This evening was very low key. I did a 40 minute run in the trails of Houston. Dang, it is difficult to go up and down hills. Trail running is such a wonderful change. I feel like a lot of times we get so comfortable in our same routines and same run courses that we need a little change. It was deathly hot (no surprise there) but very peaceful.
Today's run sparked my interest in trail running. Maybe someday I will do a 50 mile trail race, maybe? ok probably not but it does exist!
After my run, I rested for a while, did some house work, watched some Tivoed episodes (Teen Mom, yall!) and waited for my man to get home.
Together we did a one hour bike ride through the nice neighborhoods of Houston. I love getting some exercise this way: Beautiful houses, amazing landscape, nice wide sidewalks, bike riding, and my awesome boy... yes please.


  1. Welcome to Houston! You should check out this site.... http://htownbloggerhotties.blogspot.com/

  2. I am soo happy you showed me this!! :)