Football Time!

First, 3 mile run this morning at the booty-crack of dawn. The Garmin (my Arm Candy) and I headed out to Memorial Park to join the crowds in a morning run. It always feels soo great to start the morning with a run! Afterwards I spent the morning with my mom getting groceries and girl talking. Mind you that Anthony was still in bed! 

Anthony and I had a DELICIOUS lunch at Whole Foods and I then convinced him to join me on a trip to the outlet malls; poor idea because the place was so packed! I hate shopping when it is crowded, I get easily annoyed. Yep I'm a brat sometimes. 

Tonight was FOOTBALL AND PIZZA NIGHT (yes, pizza, again)!!! Two of my life loves are pizza and football. I made my own healthier tortilla version with spinach, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, black beans, and lots of seasoning. So now we are sitting on the couch watching the Texans beat the 49ers!!! 

So I am a Cowboys fan, sorry I WAS a cowboys fan. I was a Cowboys fan for one reason, Roy Williams. But sadly my fellow Longhorn has been moved to the Bears. Now living in Houston and having an old friend on the Texans has meant making myself a new Texans fan. I hate that Roy Williams and Chris can't play on the same team. My life would be much easier.. ok maybe not my life but my NFL cheering life would be much easier. 

Here I am, now a Texans fan- I have spent this entire half time writing on here and looking at Victoria Secret's Pink NFL line. LOVE IT ALL!! Football and Sparkles are two of my favorite things :)

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