Life is too short.

Today I had a wonderful talk with Marie. As we all know, I am staying with Marie during my last week of college. I think that it is very interesting to hear people talk about how they got to where they are in life.
Marie was a graduate of my Alma Mater, the University of Texas. She graduated and managed to get a great job in London, but after a while she became homesick for Texas and moved back. She took a low paying job at first to support herself here in Austin but was really unhappy. Her father became diagnosed with Cancer and eventually passed away. This sparked Marie to make a change in her life. She decided that she didn't want to live life this way and set herself a deadline for a new job. As the deadline approached she began to work harder and harder to find the right job and finally she found a job that she wanted at the United Way. Her experience with them was wonderful and lead her to a great career.
I was very pleased to talk to her. She really wanted to reiterate that life is too short to be unhappy, even if it means being poor for a while. I truly agree, but I always have a problem with taking risks like this.
It made me question that job that I have lined up in Houston, maybe I should hold out for a job that I actually want. This is the one time that I will have the total support of my parents, maybe this is the time to use that and make things happen for me in the industry that I want.
Why is the working world so scary?! hehe

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