Today marks my last day. It was very emotional for me and very busy. I woke up at 6 am for a last 5 mile run at the lake. It was far from glamourous: I wore a cotton Tshirt which was soaked with sweat (dang humidity!!), I managed to swallow a few bugs, and the sprinklers on the trail went off so I had to alter my run. Really Austin?! not a great last running date. :)
Then was the final. After the final I wondered around campus for a bit taking in the sites. It was very surreal, it still hasn't hit. 
Now here is the fun/ great distracting part: WE ARE FOSTERING A PUPPY... ok, ok, I know what you are thinking: "This girl is a total dog lady". Well maybe but he's cute and his name is Drago. 
I rushed to go pick him up before I drove the long, sad drive to Houston. He was a great distraction for me, especially because most of the drive I kept thinking how stinky he was. He was also super cute though so it was totally ok. 
Anyways I made it to Houston. It wasn't the best night for Anthony and me. He has been really stressed at work so it carried over a bit. We ordered take-out chinese. I love takeout chinese and this is why, you can order steamed chicken and vegetables. Such a healthy alternative to all of the other menu options and it is delicious with some rice. 
That night we went out for drinks with Anthony's friend Wes, who just so happened had a gift for Anthony.... and... well, the boy now has a vintage mini bike that he is excited to restore. Oh gosh!

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