3 Mile Monday

Monday's have always been good to me, I believe it's my obsession with routine and planning. I have gotten into a little routine here that begins with our pup-children Dixie and Berkley.

Anthony and I love our dogs like children. We have the special-needs-never-have-a-bad-day Dixie and type-A-toy-obsessed Berkley. ANNND now we have a foster pup that is healing at the house. 
Michael, Anthony's brother and our 3rd roommate, has become so attached to the foster pup. I am thinking that he isn't going to want to give him up once the leg and skin heal! Another pup-child in the family? Why not! Don't worry, y'all will never see us on Animal Hoarders. I SWEAR! 
We live in downtown Houston and there is no way we would allow any more!
I did manage to go for a 3 mile run. I went at 1pm and DANNNNG it was hot. I ran in a sports bra and shorts... I am soo ready for fall weather!!
Oh and one last note: Last night we went to a dinner party with Anthony's family and his grandparents (a weekly occurrence) and his mom was nice to me (NOT even a daily occurrence). It feels good to be approved of!! yay!
Also we ended the night with my favorite monday activity, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!! :)

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