Honky Tonk in Ma Favorite Boots

I love country music, I love all my cowboy boots, and I freakin love my man, so you bet I loved going out last night for some honky tonk. 

Blanco's in Houston is a blast. It's a traditional small town, pure country bar. There isn't a fancy part about it and I love it! 

Last night Anthony, Wes, and I ventured out for some dancing and fun at Blancos. It was really relaxed. I love dancing. No, I am OBSESSED with dancing. Anthony and I are usually dancing in the car, in the kitchen, in the hallways, basically we love to groove! 

Wes managed to snap a picture of us dancing last night to the band! Yay!

Anyways we made it home around 11:30pm to see Michael and his many friends walking to the bars on Washington Street. I told them to hop in the bed of the truck and I drove them up to the bars. We on the other hand, went home and passed out! I woke up this morning to a full house of boys. Haha one even slept in our guest bed (which happened to not have ANY sheets on it!). 

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  1. such a cute picture! i can walk to blanco's from my apartment and i'm there all the time for their happy hour!! we're definitely going to have to go out sometime!!