High School Football Date!

Anthony and I relived his high school days by going to a Memorial High School football game. We dressed in our red and white then headed to the stadium. 

I had a blast watching all the high schoolers running round, all in high spirits. It made me smile to see alumni back in their red and white alongside the next generations. Prep school didn't give me this type of alumni high school pride so it was exciting to be part of it. 

Anthony and I got a coke, a pickle, and sour straws and enjoyed the perfect weather. I loved having him there. I loved hearing all of his high school stories. 

We thought that a parking lot make-out session would fit perfectly into our high school date but since I'm still sick, we bypassed it and just held hands. ;)

I am by no means ready for a child, but I definitely want my child to go to a school like this someday. I want to be that obnoxious mom with the bedazzled "my son is #16" shirt, yelling from the stands, at ever game! 

Dang wasn't high school fun?!

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