Friday freak out!

Today was a puppy scare! Our foster pup, Drago, has a fractured leg and has to be kenneled for most of the day- gotta rest that little puppy leg!
I get home from my lunch date, let the big dogs out, and then go to the kennel to see Mr. Drago. 
My heart stops, Ohh dang: Drago's cast is completely bent! Yikes! I immediately called the vet and asked if we could come in to see how his leg was. Anthony walked in the door from work and we rushed pup to Bingle Vet (Where we take my own dogs).  He didn't seem in pain so I started to relax. Isn't he cute?!
The vet was awesome and he ended up taking pup's cast off completely. I am hoping it heals alright! Fingers crossed y'all.

I love Bingle Vet here in Houston. I think Dr. Vaughan is my favorite Veterinarian (trust me when I say I have a good judge on vets: with the 20 dogs that I have fostered, working at a vet clinic, and spending lots of my time with dog rescue work). 
Now this is where my experience sways a bit. Drago is an Austin Boxer Rescue dog. ABR does work with Bingle Vet but since it is in Houston, Bingle is not the primary vet nor is it a charity vet clinic. I definitely understand that. HOWEVER the front desk lady, named Francis, was so rude to me as we were leaving. I am not confrontational at all so when people are rude or mean to me I completely shut down, and walk away. 
As we are leaving I tell the woman thank you and that I would be back on monday to bring my own baby Dixie in for her appointment. The woman goes on to make a scene (in front of other patients) about how this isn't a charity hospital and how they aren't really supposed to take our foster in. I said, ok and that I was sorry. I get in the car and think of all the mean things I wanted to say, of course I said none of them. I wonder why people get nasty sometimes. Being mean doesn't get much accomplished and it generally just makes everything worse. 
If she had stopped to think about it she would have realized that one: my family will happily be paying a large bill from the vet, we are trying to rescue a sweet and helpless puppy, and the vet was more than happy to be helping us out. 

Life is too short to be mean .. I guess on that note I should also realize life is too short to hold a grudge. Done and done. :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! After reading your about page I think we have a lot in common! Your dog is really cute and I hope he heals quickly.